Mandatory and prohibition signs

Without mandatory safety signs, everyday work would not only be more dangerous for employees, but also for the company property. To increase the safety of your workplace, we have a wide range of prohibition safety signs to choose from, with different purposes to comply with HSE guidelines.

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Why mandatory health and safety signs are so important for your workplace

What dangers lurk in which places in your company? You might know, but not all of your employees will. Make potential hazards abundantly clear with mandatory safety signs in the right places. They will help to call out danger zones and potential safety risks, which is crucial to preventing accidents and serious injuries. Safety signs are prescribed in L64 -Safety signs and signals - and in compliance with the European standard DIN EN ISO 7010 - ASR A1.3.

How mandatory safety signs can help your workplace

We are all familiar with signage and see it every day. No matter where we are in the world, health and safety signs are universal. This is particularly important for companies with locations around the world. In the workplace, mandatory health and safety signs are truly indispensable.

When installing prohibition signs, the distance to the workplace or the recognition range plays an important role. Certain mandatory health and safety signs and notices must be affixed at fixed intervals to ensure that the information on them is immediately recognisable from all points of view.

Mandatory and prohibition signs: the differences

While mandatory health and safety signs show how to protect yourself in a dangerous situation, prohibition signs prohibit certain actions that can cause dangerous situations. Mandatory safety signs are blue and white in colour, whereas prohibition signs are recognised by their distinctive signal red colour.

Examples of mandatory safety signs

Helmet, antistatic shoes, wear eye protection, give acoustic signal, use the handrail.

Examples of prohibition safety signs

Parking and storage prohibited, climbing prohibited for unauthorised persons, pushing prohibited, no smoking.

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