ESD transport equipment and trolleys

Has everything been secured in the ESD area? Great! But what about your transport equipment when it comes to static discharge? ESD transport equipment and trolleys solve the problem.

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ESD transport devices and ESD transport boxes – EPA on the move

At the perfectly equipped ESD workstation, the problem of static discharge is now under control. What happens though when your electronic components are on the move around the company? This is when ESD transport devices and trolleys come into play. They function as mobile electrostatic protected areas – and solve many a transport problem.

What distinguishes ESD trolleys?

Like a properly equipped ESD workstation, ESD trolleys provide A to Z dissipation and ensure that rolling friction does not cause voltage to build up during transport, which could spontaneously discharge on a sensitive component.

One of the most important elements in making transport equipment suitable for this particular use is the conductive coating applied to the steel constructions made for commercial use. The shelves either have a conductive coating or are made of a conductive material. ESD laboratory trolleys always feature ESD wheels and castors to keep them moving, which discharge any static created by friction during the rolling movement.

For which uses are ESD transport devices recommended?

ESD roll containers and all other ESD transport trolleys provide all-round protection for the products being transported on their way to and from an EPA. They specifically aim to prevent electrostatic discharges from the variables most likely to cause them: people, metallic conductors and non-earthed process equipment.

This is not only important in the semiconductor industry or medical technology. Sensitive electronics are used in almost every industry today. Even if your company does not need to have a dedicated EPA, ESD trolleys are a good product to have.

Since our range of different models here is almost as large as our normal range of transport equipment and trolleys is, ESD compatibility can simply be considered an additional benefit that will quickly pay for itself in your business.

What else should I be aware of when using ESD transport trolleys?

In order to ensure the most comprehensive ESD protection possible, not only should you transport the relevant products on an ESD trolley, but also pack them in ESD storage bins. This will also minimise the risk of accidental contact between the goods and unearthed employees when on the move. The handling of these goods should only be left to personnel wearing appropriate ESD work clothing and that also has the requisite training. Your obligation to prevent ESD only ends when an electronic component, for example, is perfectly packaged for its journey to the customer.

Is everything now finally OK when it comes to ESD? Take a look at our ESD product guide: Protection from damaging discharges.