Bohle – VERIBOR® pump suction lifter 1 head plastic body, max. load 120 kg

  • GS certified
  • High load capacity
  • Very fast vacuum build-up and reduction
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Bohle – VERIBOR® pump suction lifter, 1 head plastic body, max. load 120 kg, disc Ø 214 mm
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Product description
The VERIBOR® pump suction lifter BO 601G is a real designer highlight – both in terms of its construction and the comfort it offers. It features a vacuum safety display that is easy to read from a distance, along with numerous functional details. The high quality pump mechanism is used to build up the vacuum particularly quickly. The large valve button also provides faster ventilation to reduce the vacuum again. This allows the suction lifter to be attached to the material more firmly, and makes it easier to detach after use. A higher grip position also makes it very comfortable to carry. A plastic ring that is placed over the rubber disc provides even more stability and better protection. The BO 601G pump suction lifter can hold large loads of up to 120 kg and is suitable for all materials and objects with gas-tight surfaces.
The high quality of this product was confirmed by the GS symbol that was awarded by TÜV.

VERIBOR® is a high quality brand produced by the BOHLE Group. The products are exclusively developed and produced in Germany – with particular attention paid to high levels of safety and ergonomics. They contain no carcinogenic hydrocarbon compounds (PAH).
  • GS certified
  • High load capacity
  • Very fast vacuum build-up and reduction
Technical data
Head diameter214 mm
Max. load120 kg
Number of heads1 pcs.
Materialplastic body