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eurokraft basic: the cost-effective performance range

Brand-name quality at affordable prices

eurokraft basic models benefit from attractive prices without scrimping on quality. Why buy cheaper alternatives that need to be repaired, exchanged or returned? With a three-year guarantee, eurokraft basic is the right choice for cost-effective performance.

Pallet truck from eurokraft basic
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Solid quality

Developed and manufactured according to stringent kaiserkraft standards.


Fast availability

Always in stock and ready to dispatch.


Best price

Unbeatable value for money.

Large range of products

Large range of products

The right eurokraft basic product for every requirement

A selection from our eurokraft basic range

eurokraft pro: the professional range for the highest expectations

Premium quality products

Sometimes you need something bigger, more robust, or adapted to your requirements. If you’re looking for durable products that take the toughest jobs in their stride, eurokraft pro is the right choice for you. You can count on our premium material, painstaking workmanship and unparalleled guarantees. Plus, you have the option of having products customised to your requirements.

NEO e-module from eurokraft pro
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Premium quality

Materials, workmanship and functionality meet the highest standards. For intensive use.



Five years after-sales service and excellent spare parts availability.



Many products can be adapted to your requirements.

A guarantee of at least 10 years

A guarantee of at least 10 years

The right eurokraft pro product for every requirement

A selection from our eurokraft pro range

We want to put work in its place.

Because work shouldn’t be any more work than necessary!

After all, it’s enough of a challenge already. With eurokraft, you can get to work safe in the knowledge that you’ll accomplish your task efficiently. No need to worry about breakages or defects; no compromises or half-baked solutions causing you hassle or jeopardising your budget.

In short:
eurokraft helps you to get the job done, so the job doesn’t get you down.

eurokraft pro

kaiserkraft in-house production

Since 1954, we have been developing and manufacturing many of our eurokraft products at our own kaiserkraft production facility in the town of Haan, near Düsseldorf. Here, we are committed to meeting the highest quality and sustainability standards.

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