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Would you like to browse through our catalogue in an environmentally aware way, or simply look something up quickly? Our digital catalogues and online brochures are now available to you 24/7. Whether you are interested in the main kaiserkraft catalogue or our in-house production facility, this is where you'll find all the information you need with just one click. Have fun searching, finding and reading.

Best of Professional equipment and packaging solutions

The best from professional equipment and packaging solutions
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Whether for the factory, workshop or storage, whether local or global, large- or small-scale, we are dedicated to providing you with the best equipment for your work. And we give our all to make sure that the products we sell do exactly what they are supposed to. So we’re always prepared to take a closer look, listen attentively, and act with consideration and care. Above all, we strive to be sustainable, so that we look after our planet for future generations – what we call Enkelfähig.*

* Prices subject to change.

The EUROKRAFTpro electric material stand

Lifting and lowering at the touch of a button

Imagine having a personal assistant who is by your side through all your ups and downs, takes the load off your shoulders and works at the push of a button. And one who is just as reliable after 10 years as they were on day one.

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The EUROKRAFTpro NEO e-module

The new way to transport loads with ease
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The NEO e-module is an electric drive which is built around ergonomics, occupational safety and flexibility. It can be used wherever manually operated industrial trucks are used. The NEO e-module significantly reduces effort when moving loads of up to 500 kg. This reduces strain on your employees and makes work safer all round.

Own brands brochure.

Products that can take a beating: EUROKRAFT

Nothing should hold you back.

That's why you need products that can take a beating. For over 75 years, we have been doing everything we can to equip companies. The know-how, the feeling for quality and the passion for office and business equipment - all this flows into our own brand EUROKRAFT. The result is products that stand the test of time.

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In-house production brochure.

Equipped for manufacturing
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Whether custom-made or mass-produced, kaiserkraft in-house production creates products that perfectly fit your needs - in the colour, shape and in absolutely top quality Made in Germany.

Procurement made easy

E-procurement with kaiserkraft

In some areas of your company, it isn’t necessarily obvious where savings could be made. But that doesn’t apply to the procurement of C items! Uncoordinated ordering of small items results in high process costs – which is why it is so important to get control of this area and create transparency.

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kaiserkraft: Your partner for the future

Equipped for tomorrow

We are kaiserkraft. We stand for passion and excellence. We strive every day to make sure you are kitted out with the best possible equipment for the work you do. At the same time, we are well aware of our environmental and social responsibility, since we know that business and sustainability go hand in hand. Which is why we strive to reduce our impact on the climate and the environment as far as possible, and to be socially responsible in our actions.

The EUROKRAFTpro electric tow trucks

TAKKTOR T1000 and T2000: The highest level of occupational safety and ergonomics

Would you like to make transport operations at your company safer and more efficient? The TAKKTOR will help you to transport heavy loads from point A to point B safely and reliably – which means less fatigue and a higher level of safety during daily operations. It comes in two models, the T1000 and the T2000.