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When leaving the seal intact isn't enough: our film sealing devices.
May we introduce the undisputed dream team in the packaging and shipping area? Voilà: film sealing devices and film pouches – where one of them turns up, the other won't be far away. Spare parts, accessories and other goods can be reliably protected from dirt and damage in film pouches or tubular film. And film sealing devices allow these films to be cut and sealed quickly and easily, sealing them as tightly as can be. That makes them an essential component in the entire packaging area... and therefore an indispensable item in our product range.

Film sealing devices – the devil is in the detail.
If you're now thinking that a film sealing device is just a film sealing device... then you've thought wrong. The most essential, and most important, distinguishing feature among our models is the length and width of the seal. Before placing an order, please consider exactly which dimensions you need. Extras available include an additional support plate, a dispenser or pedal operation for the device. The last function is particularly practical as it leaves both your hands free. Apart from this, you'll also find we have both entry level models for sealing up to 100 packages a day as well as high performance devices that are ideal for series production. One way or another, we generally only offer items that have been specifically design for commercial use. After all, our motto isn't ''everything for the business'' for nothing.