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Don't be surprised that the item you want can't be found in our catalogue or webshop straight away. Here's where we're happy to help you... and are guaranteed to what you need.


We'll even find a solution for you when it comes to items that we don't have in stock, despite our seemingly inexhaustible product range. We will procure the item you required from anywhere in Europe. Of course, you can always consult our procurement service when you don't know how to make your order or you need help with complex or difficult matters. Our experts will always ensure that you get exactly what you need. Can we do anything for you today?




Reliable planning is included in the price. We give you the certainty that you can purchase more of the articles you have ordered from us, supplement or add to your order in an uncomplicated manner. With products from our performance brands Eurokraft Active Green, Quipo and office akktiv, you receive an after-sales service of 5 years.


If certain manufacturers disappear from the product range, we will, of course, inform you of this so that you have sufficient time to rethink your solution or to purchase more stock. And should you not be able to find your desired product... there is almost nothing we cannot obtain for you. Simply ask us. Or use our procurement service.




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