Carry bags

With timeless carry bags and stylish gift packaging made from paper, you can pack and transport smaller products effortlessly and sustainably. You can get sustainable gift bags and carry bags made from paper or recycled paper here, some of which are FSC® certified, in multiple colours and with various load capacities – even suitable for use with foodstuffs!

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Carry bags and gift bags made from paper

Carry bags made from paper are the new standard. While they were once mainly used as gift packaging, today they are a visually appealing and sustainable alternative to cotton bags, plastic bags and reusable bags.

What sets paper carry bags apart?

At first glance, the range is divided into two categories: rather simple kraft paper carry bags for transport and stylish gift bags in elegant colours. But a paper carry bag in a natural brown tone can also be the perfect gift packaging. Their design and sustainable appearance are a perfect fit for our current age. The main differences lie in the details:

  • Grammage: The usual paper weight is between 70 and around 180 grams per square meter. Thicker bags can withstand more, but are more expensive and have a higher storage volume. 70-gram versions are thinner than printer paper, but thanks to their processing, reinforced bases and well-anchored handles, they are still literally kraft paper.

  • Handle: A simple, wide paper handle sits comfortably in the hand and sets shopping bags apart. Twisted thin cords look elegant and are sufficiently stable. They go well with high-quality retail packaging or gift bags. Paper bags with thick cotton cord provide a luxurious element for high-end products and gifts.

  • Shape: Flat trapeze shapes are perfect for transporting to-go foodstuff packaging or things that need to be placed in the bag, transported and removed horizontally. The square or flat cuboid shape is reminiscent of shopping bags and is ideal for clothing or accessories. Longer bags or classic rectangles are all-rounders that work for many products.

  • Colour: With a carry bag made of paper in a natural tone, you underline the sustainability of the packaging and a green company image. Carry bags in white appear positive and friendly – and can, for example, feature an advertising sticker, a stamp or other customisations. Bright colours from bright red to dark blue should match your corporate identity – or the gift-giving occasion. Seasonal prints also boost sales, even if they are only used a few weeks a year.

Are all paper bags sustainable?

As long as the paper bag is not laminated with a film, all models can easily be recycled with waste paper. This accounts for a large part of their popularity. Before they end up in the recycling bin or waste system, they can be reused many times.

Sustainability also means paying attention to natural materials for other decorative filling materials and gift accessories, and choosing smart packaging to protect fragile goods.

You can learn more about this in our tips and trends on the topic of packaging. If you would like more information about the range of products, feel free to contact us at any time.