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Do you actually need several sack trucks? Get one that can do (almost) everything. EUROKRAFTpro heavy duty sack trucks prepare you for any type of transport.

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Heavy duty sack trucks made by EUROKRAFTpro – transport equipment for real professionals

Do you use your sack truck more than once a month and for more than transporting crates of drinks for the company party? Then make sure you get yourself a model for demanding jobs. EUROKRAFTpro modular system sack trucks offer you quality without compromise. They are also versatile, and adapt to different types of transport.

What are modular sack trucks and what are the benefits for you?

Imagine you buy a sack truck and at some point, you realise that you need a larger footplate. Maybe you even need a parcel footplate or cantilever arms to transport chairs. A conventional sack truck only leaves you one option: buy a second one.

EUROKRAFTpro modular sack trucks only require you to purchase a new footplate or cantilever arms instead. This is because our modular hand trucks are based on a building block approach. Look under ''Accessories/Spare parts'' to find different footplates, cantilever arms or a new set of wheels. This makes it easy to convert your sack truck.

This means that a EUROKRAFTpro modular sack truck doesn’t just give you one truck, but many different trucks at once. This saves space, is sustainable and if nothing else, extremely practical.

What else makes EUROKRAFTpro modular hand trucks so special?

While you spare yourself the expense of purchasing several sack trucks, we spare nothing when it comes to our modular sack trucks. After all, the name EUROKRAFTpro stands for genuine premium quality, products you can rely on even when used intensively. That means:

  • High quality materials

  • High maximum load

  • Durability

  • Ergonomic design for work that is easy on the spine

We at kaiserkraft are so confident in the quality of our sack trucks that we give you a full 10 year guarantee. It does not matter whether your employees are hauling beer crates, refrigerators or engine parts around.

How do you proceed when buying a modular sack truck?

It only takes three steps to purchase a perfect modular sack truck:

  1. Choose one of over 300 preconfigured models. Use our filter options and search, for example, by material or by footplate dimensions.

  2. Decide on characteristics that you’d prefer.

  3. Purchase accessories for different purposes, such as a different footplate or wheel guard, now or later.

Do you have any more questions? Would you prefer a personal consultation? That’s absolutely no trouble whatsoever. Use our contact page – we are always there for you.