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They are small. They are manoeuvrable. Uncomplicated. Extremely functional. And resilient. We're not talking about household spirits... instead we are referring to dollies and transport dollies. A clever solution for in-house transport. They will ensure you can effortlessly move heavy or bulky loads from A to B.

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Transport dollies and load skates – classic items in a new guise

Easy to operate, versatile, space-saving. The combination of base and castors is one of the oldest transport devices in the world. Which isn't to say that it has not continued evolving. Just how far it has is demonstrated by the transport dollies and wheeled bases available from kaiserkraft. They even make transporting heavyweights fun.

Highly manoeuvrable transport equipment for every requirement

Heavy, light, large, small – we have the right load skates for your workshop, warehouse or office. The range of products includes wheeled bases in many different sizes for boxes, pallets and crates. Simply place the load on the wheeled base, start pushing and get the job done. For removals and the like, furniture dollies or furniture movers ensure the work won't hurt your back. Three-wheelers and four-wheelers are easy to guide through narrow aisles and manoeuvre around tight corners.

We also have the right solution in stock for objects weighing several tons and for bulky items – extremely heavy-duty rotating chassis, for example. Travel jacks are ideal if your employees need to move furnishings within the workshop, or a machine. We also have dollies available in our shop to transport containers full of recyclables to the bin, board frames and jack sets for maximum flexibility.

Smooth running and robust

The days of squeaky wooden wheels are long gone. At kaiserkraft, we prefer to use smooth-running castors to ensure high levels of comfort when moving. Robust materials such as plastic, stainless steel and aluminium ensure that the load does not fall off the transport dolly. Using our filters is the best way to find the perfect wheeled base or the perfect transport dolly. And if you are uncertain, just ask us. We will be happy to help you get things rolling.

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