Air cushions, air chamber mats

Air cushions and air cushion mats are perfect for filling and cushioning items being mailed. Produce your filling material directly at the packing station using the corresponding machines: this saves material, storage space and freight costs, because air cushions made of film consist of 99% air. We can supply you with the rolls of film necessary in many different sizes and a wide range of designs: order air cushions for packaging and mailing online at kaiserkraft United Kingdom

Air cushions and air chamber mats: safe transport made easy

Perfect protection against impacts and yet light as a feather: air cushions made of air cushion film are an ideal way to mail your goods safely. Produce these practical air cushions directly at the packing station and to suit requirements. Whether you are sending goods that are heavy or light, would like your packaging to be more sustainable, or want to make your logistics even more efficient – there is a wide range of rolls of air cushions to fill with air yourself.

Which types of air cushions are available?

99 per cent air, 1 per cent film, 100 percent protection for packaging and mailing: air cushions are the ideal choice for sensitive goods of all kinds that must not slip around in the cardboard box when being sent. While HDPE and LDPE films were practically the only materials available in the past, today’s range of materials for air chamber mats is more varied and, above all, more sustainable. Environmentally friendly alternatives are available with

  • Film made from recycled paper

  • Film made from recycled plastic

  • Film made from compostable bioplastics

However, classic plastic has not yet become obsolete. It is food safe and exhibits no thermal drawbacks, can also be recycled, and has particularly good storage and filling properties. This ensures that hardly any waste is produced when used on the filling and cushioning system.

How do I use air cushion film optimally?

Air chamber mats are suitable for filling cavities, as edge protection and as intermediate layers, for wrapping goods or as cross over protection. The shape of the chamber and the degree to which it is filled with air are important: the smaller the chambers, the more closely the air cushion film can be wrapped around the goods. For cross over protection, use films with long, narrow air chambers.

When is it worth filling air cushion film yourself?

Air cushion films are easy to use, save space in storage and offer many advantages when mailing items. They are worth using when you have a regular volume of items to send that includes a large share of sensitive goods and goods requiring protection. The machines are usually small, lightweight and easy to operate. One filling and cushioning system can be used for several packing stations.

We will be happy to answer questions about tips and trends on the topic of packaging and, of course, about our range of air cushion solutions in person. All you have to do is contact us.