Stair climbing trucks

Stairs are a thorn in the side for any employee with large products to transport and are always preferably avoided. Stair climbing trucks offer the solution here. Negotiating the stairs becomes no problem at all and it also goes easy on your back.

In the category Stair climbing trucks we offer you products of the following brands: eurokraft pro, eurokraft basic.

Stair climbing trucks: simply one step better – or two, three, four

Even with a normal sack truck, you can climb stairs and steps to deliver goods from truck to customer. However, stair climber sack trucks make this much easier for you. Thanks to their ingenious wheel construction and convenient general design, they can take on any number of steps. And without little effort on your part too.

How do I secure the load on a stair climbing truck?

As soon as you load transport equipment and trolleys with goods of all kinds, you should always ensure that the load is adequately secured. This is particularly important with a sack truck for stairs and the like as you mainly work upwards when loading and tilt the entire truck towards your body during transport.

The centre of gravity is therefore always different, despite the star wheel construction, than if you are moving a few boxes on an even plane on a four-wheeled cart. In general, it is sufficient to use the load area as an orientation when loading the sack truck for stairs. The goods should, where at all possible, not project unevenly over the footplate and certainly not too far beyond the frame.

However, if this is the case, use additional belts and ensure the goods do not move during transport. As a matter of principle, we advise against an excessively vertical load.

How do I select stair climbing sack trucks – and do they also work on the level?

The star wheel design, which is essential for easy stair climbing with a sack truck, also has advantages on an even plane. This is because the entire truck, including load, rests at the same time on two puncture-proof tyres on each side. This ensures a better transfer of force and reduces effort from the user.

The overall diameter of the star wheel construction handles most step heights with ease. On each product page, you will find a maximum height which is usually 200 millimetres. But steps over 20 cm high are the exception in everyday logistics anyway.

Most importantly is that you consider the maximum load capacity and decide, for example, whether a simple handle is sufficient, or whether you prefer convenient handles for maximum control.

If you have any further questions, for example about the advantages of electric stair climbers, please do not hesitate to contact us personally.

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