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We have the right containers for gases, bulk materials and liquids: tanks, bins and drums that have proven their worth in industrial use. You can choose the one that suits your needs best: our product range includes both smaller tanks with low capacities as well as large storage tanks that can hold several hundred litres.

In the category Drums, tanks, bins we offer you products of the following brands: CEMO, PRESSOL, Rubbermaid, eurokraft basic.

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Large Plastic Barrels and Storage drums for liquids and solids

If something spills at home, a cleaning cloth is enough to put things straight again. It's a different story for fluids in a warehouse. Here, even a small leak can spell danger for people and the environment. You can best avoid this using plastic drums, tanks and bins from kaiserkraft.

Stackable, robust and versatile – our plastic drums for storage and transport

Have you ever wondered why barrels and drums have a bulbous shape? Quite simply because it's so easy to roll them from one place to another. However, it's not always advisable to roll industrial fluids. That's why we can also provide you with drums with practical carrying handles for successful drum handling. Practical drain taps make it easier to swap or fill up fluids. Wide neck drums with their large openings are especially easy to clean. All our plastic drums can be stacked and some are suitable for solid materials and fluids. Or perhaps you would prefer handy canisters.

Large-scale tanks and containers

If your drums are reaching their limits, then kaiserkraft has oil and diesel tanks for inside and outside. We also offer IBC containers that can be fixed to a pallet with a steel frame. Admittedly, you can't roll them but they provide the same capacity as eight, ten or even more drums.

Cylinder-shaped, bulbous or square: whatever you choose, our plastic bins, tanks and drums are made of robust materials and are therefore either acid-resistant, fire-proof and/or food-safe. And so that you've got all bases covered when handling hazardous substances, our shop offers various sized sump trays and absorbent agents.

Do you have any more questions? You can get valuable information on hazardous substance handling, safe filling with hand pumps and sump trays made of glass fibre reinforced plastic in our purchasing guides or from us personally.

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