Cleanroom tables

We can be cleaner than just clean, we have a whole cleanroom for you! Set up your laboratories or cleanroom workplaces hygienically and professionally. Matching cleanroom tables can be found here with different models to choose from.

Cleanroom tables – for strict workplace requirements

Even in cleanrooms, particles end up suspended in the air. This isn't a problem with our stainless steel cleanroom tables. These cancel the landing permit for any unwanted flying objects – an important prerequisite for the cleanroom to remain a clean room, and to stop particles from settling on your furnishings. Find out how this works and what other features distinguish our cleanroom tables here.

How cleanroom tables provide clean work surfaces

Even controlled rooms require a high degree of cleanliness to be maintained. Even stricter requirements apply in cleanrooms. Clean air technology is absolutely essential, as is an air-lock entry and, of course, the right furnishings. The best thing you can do is to choose cleanroom tables from kaiserkraft for your laboratory or any other work areas in which cleanliness alone does not suffice. Made of stainless steel or other high-quality materials, they do not provide a contact surface for dust and are wonderfully easy to clean. And, of course, they satisfy all legal requirements for cleanrooms. Would you like to know more about the differences between controlled rooms and cleanrooms? Take a look at our overview of different ''cleanliness levels'' and read our guide to ''What is a cleanroom?''. We explain important terms related to the topic in our ''Small dictionary of cleanroom systems terminology''. Any more questions? We will be happy to answer them personally.

These laboratory and cleanroom tables are available from us

Perfect cleanliness and hygiene are not enough for us. We also want your employees to feel comfortable at work. That's why we offer you tables in different designs and for different areas of work. This starts with laboratory tables with classic H-shaped feet with a height suitable for working while standing and sitting, which are also ideal for combining with mobile base cupboards. Thanks to their high load-bearing capacity, they are perfect as storage space for heavy laboratory equipment. We recommend a cleanroom table with a C-foot frame as a documentation table. A sink table complements this perfectly.

Precise measurements are best taken on a laboratory weighing table. Its isolated design ensures that vibrations are not transferred to the tabletop – an important prerequisite for precise measurement results. Do you need to stay mobile while working in the laboratory? Then we'd recommend a mobile laboratory table with wheels.

And where can you find other accessories?

It's quite simple: in our shop. Whether scales, mobile drawer units or comfortable industrial chairs, you will find everything you need for furnishing a cleanroom at kaiserkraft – in high quality, with an elegant appearance and as a range of models. The same applies to workbenches, desks or office cupboards.

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