Mailing tubes, postal sleeves

Are you sending plans, posters or long items? An art print with creases, a construction blueprint that has been torn or a long, pointy umbrella in a large square box? Postal tubes and sleeves are the better choice for all products that must not be bent or that exhibit a long shape and which aren’t suitable for conventional cardboard box dimensions. This makes them one of the most important mailing products in print shops or planning agencies.

What are the advantages of mailing tubes?

  • Because the cardboard they are made of is rolled and bonded diagonally, these postal sleeves are particularly robust.

  • Plastic postal sleeves can be reused practically an infinite number of times.

  • They are easy to fill and secure to post due to a variety of solutions used for the caps and seals.

  • They are available both as a round model and as a rectangular postal sleeve for more difficult geometries.

  • They are perfect for storage.

  • They can be sent as postal packaging at more competitive postage rates.

How do I get postal sleeves ready to send?

The more tightly the tube you have selected wraps around the product, the better. The risk of damage due to impacts is reduced if the item cannot move. Paper that is prone to damage and valuable products should also be shrink wrapped in tubular film to keep them safe. Make sure that the cap or seal, depending on the model, is securely fastened for transport. Attach labels, for example, so that the recipient can also check whether the tube was opened en route.

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