Vertical pull-out cupboards

Tools, materials and other bits and pieces can be stored in a clear and space-saving way – as is the case in our vertical pull-out cabinets. Simply pull out the corresponding perforated panel or perforated wall – finished! You'll be astounded by how much the vertical pull-out cabinet can hold.

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Pull-Out Cabinets & Tall Cupboards with vertical drawers: Upright organisation!

In laboratories or pharmacies, vertical pull-out cabinets are an integral part of the company equipment. Why not also use them in the office, the workshop or the warehouse? The vertical set-up combined with clever functions saves space and ensures great organisation.

What makes vertical pull-out cabinets so special?

Common workshop and office furniture for the storage of files or working materials feature permanently installed cupboard compartments with a specific depth. With these, it is sometimes difficult to know what they contain and to find what you are looking for. Also, not all things can be accommodated without problems.

With a vertical pull-out cabinet, the respective compartment extends completely, is accessible from both sides and can be flexibly equipped.

Many models have perforated walls which you can use to put together a well-organised inventory with hooks and accessories. This is worthwhile, for example, with very bulky pieces such as spider wrenches or large spirit levels, which otherwise are difficult to store in a cabinet.

The models with storage compartments are suitable for sorting small parts in open fronted storage bins. Since there are several drawers per cabinet, you can sort your stock practically and do not have to search through the entire cupboard every time.

How do I set up cupboards with vertical drawers?

Thanks to the pull-outs at the front, you don't have to worry about the swing radius of cupboard doors. This means that you can easily place several vertical pull-out cabinets in a row and thus make optimum use of the floor plan, even with a small surface area.

Think about making it even easier to keep things sorted in the warehouse or workshop with differently coloured front panels. Then the search for wheels and castors or other small accessories is definitely over.

In the office product area and for the workshop, we offer many other innovative ideas related to office and workshop organisation. Take a look at our range of partitions for cupboards and containers, for example, or simply contact us if you have specific product requirements.

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