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We owe much of our knowledge to laboratory equipment & Supplies such as microscopes and refractometers. Where would research, medicine and industry be today without them?

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Sience lab equipment & Supplies: let's take a closer look!

From material quality to the exact composition of certain foods, high sensitivity laboratory equipment provide important insights that can contribute to your company's success. That's why you should be particularly diligent when making your choice. We show you which products are best suited for an exact analysis.

Which microscope for which requirement?

In the ABC of laboratory devices, the microscope is probably the most frequently used item of all. For a particularly vivid visual image, we recommend stereo microscopes. The incident light microscope is virtually unbeatable in terms of contrast and the brightness of the image.

The laboratory microscope has proved its worth over and over again in routine activities. You can also purchase professional trinocular versions here that allow direct transmission of the images to a camera or PC.

Which laboratory equipment is suitable for measuring the volume of liquids?

Refractometers in tandem with precise droppers are the best choice for measuring the volume and concentration of liquids. Our range includes different models, each optimised for specific applications:

Digital refractometers for healthcare, for example, are used to measure serum levels, while models specifically for industry can be used for a variety of tasks – such as determining glycol concentrations.

You'll find that we have everything from straightforward entry-level solutions used to determine a refractive index to analogue classics for wine and beer production.

What do I have to observe when using chemicals and laboratory devices?

When testing liquids and materials – whether chemicals or not – a large number of work and operating instruction must be observed in the laboratory. The technical regulations for hazardous substances TRGS 526, ''Laboratories'', and the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances (GefStoffV) are decisive sets of specifications.

Apart from the protective measures, it is important to ensure precise calibration of the laboratory device in order to obtain clear, realistic and reproducible results. Precise calibration is therefore a basic prerequisite that our laboratory devices can satisfy at all times ex-works or using calibration accessories.

We will be happy to equip your laboratories and test rooms to suit your requirements. Take a look, for example, at our range of cleanroom tables and create the perfect lighting configuration for your examinations with workplace lighting. We will be happy to advise you.

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