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Air purifiers, air cleaners

Fresh air: it's what you enjoy so much in the mountains, on meadows and in forests, and it's important at work too. Our air cleaners purify dry, stuffy office air. To ensure you can keep taking deep breaths.
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AP30 air purifier
for rooms up to 30 m² in size
for rooms up to 55 m² in size
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2 items found
Air cleaners – fresh, revitalising, healthy.
An air purifier cleans the air? Yes, put simply, it does. The air cleaner filters bacteria, viruses, pollen, spores, hair and particles of dust out of indoor air. An ioniser can even destroy those hazardous particles suspended in the air. We're no claiming that our air purifiers will give you the same air to breathe as you would at the top of a mountain, but we'd like you to be reminded of it, at least a little bit, when working in the office. We're offering you a new ideal way of getting some fresh air in the form of our IDEAL air purifiers.
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