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How cargo bicycles are used at companies

For versatile transport on company premises

The future of mobility is no longer reserved for cars alone. The popularity of cargo bicycles is increasing in leaps and bounds, and they are becoming established as a credible alternative for transporting objects from A to B, both for private purposes and in business environments.

Anyone who rides a cargo bicycle won't have to rely on muscle power alone any more. Models with electric drive provide backup for the user's own exertions, and make it so much easier to move loads around. Despite their high max. load, you're unlikely to break out in a sweat when riding a cargo bicycle. Companies with extensive production premises or offices that are set far apart in particular will reap rewards after purchasing a cargo bicycle. And it's certainly worth having one or two bicycles for your staff to use when they need them.

These are the advantages of a cargo bicycle.

  • It doesn't need any petrol and is inexpensive to use
  • It needs less space than, for example, a forklift truck or a car, and it is space saving to store when it's not in use
  • Transport jobs are taken care of right away when this agile and highly manoeuvrable form of transport is used
  • It is also easy to manoeuvre through narrow passages
  • It's always right at hand whenever an item is needed in another place at short notice
  • It keeps you on the move during your everyday work
  • Protects the environment

What are the best ways to use cargo bicycles at the company?

What's the best way to sum up the benefits of a cargo bicycle? It makes it easy to get anywhere without problems, and lets you take along whatever you need.

Which cargo bicycle is good for which job?

The versatile all-rounder: Classic cargo bicycle

The classic cargo bicycle in our range, of a type that many will fondly remember as a baker's bike, is suitable for transporting small loads around the premises. You can transport items weighing up to 50 kg on this non-motorised cargo bicycle. It is lighter in weight, and much more manoeuvrable, than the three-wheeled alternatives. The carrier is fitted above the front wheel on this two-wheeled model. This ensures you'll always have the cargo in your line of vision, along with easy access to it.

The muscular tricycle: PRO e-cargo delivery bicycle

This electric bicycle features a large covered transport box at the front, fitted between the bicycle's two front wheels. The three-wheeled design keeps the e-cargo bicycle well balanced and stable, even when it's stationary or going around a corner. The powerful rear-wheel motor helps you start off and ride straight ahead at speeds of up to 25 km/h. This makes it particularly convenient when you're moving a load that is almost as heavy as the load limit of 80 kg. This e-cargo bicycle is a real workhorse, and safely and effortlessly transports materials, equipment and other items to places close by.

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