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The trustworty service of our kaiserkraft team

You want to trust your kaiserkraft transport and lifting equipment − blindly, 100 percent and at any time? Then call us. We will repair it as soon as we can and only fix what truly needs fixing. We use original spare parts - You can count on that.

Spare parts procurement

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So that your original remains an original

Why should you settle for less than solid, reliable quality when choosing your spare parts? After all, you want to be able to rely on your transport and lifting equipment − blindly, 100 percent and at all times. Don't you?

This is where we would like to come in: We also take care of our products after you've ordered. And so we promise you that the original spare parts have been manufactured using the most modern production techniques and thus offer you high quality, the accuracy of fit and long-term security over the entire service life.

Order our spares

If you get your machines and working materials maintained on a regular basis you not only create the best basis for their trouble-free operational readiness, but also to retain their value.

In a few words: Repairs? We'll take care of them.


Broken is not just broken

Our service specialists will be with you very quickly. Because despite the well-known high quality of our products, we unfortunately cannot always rule out defects and even less predict them.

But we can promise you at this point that we will only fix what truly needs fixing. If a repair is really no longer worthwhile, we will be happy to offer you an adequate product from our extensive kaiserkraft range.

You always play it safe: You will receive from us a transparent cost estimate according to the fault pattern beforehand and afterwards a detailed description of the cause of the fault for all repairs carried out.

So you not only have your equipment under control at all times but also your costs.

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They call us doers

You can also find more information about our customer service on our customer service page.