Why it's so important to activate JavaScript.

Wait – tell me what JavaScript actually is, and when does it need to be used?

JavaScript is a programming language that web developers use to transform a simple document into a fully interactive web application. The use of JavaScript is pretty much essential these days, as it is required not only to use popular services such as Gmail or Facebook properly, but also to ensure our shop functions flawlessly. JavaScript can control the appearance, functionality and any interaction by the webshop.

What are the advantages of JavaScript?

JavaScript allows you, for example, to sort and filter our products, to use our product slider and the navigation function, to add products to your shopping basket, to verify that the data entered in forms is correct, and much more. These interactions and functionalities will not work, or their function will be limited, if JavaScript is deactivated.

And now?

Try it out for yourself! We have embedded a number of products directly below this text. If you are unable to view them, or are unable to use the navigation function to browse our product range, then JavaScript has not been activated.

Doesn't the slider function? Then this is how you activate JavaScript:

1. Inform your IT department, or the colleague in charge, and ask them to activate JavaScript.

2. Your IT department, or the colleague in charge, will confirm that JavaScript has been activated.

3. Visit our webshop and try out the new shopping experience. 

Would you prefer to manage your own browser settings?

If there's no IT department where you work, and you manage your own browser settings, then you'll find instructions on how to activate JavaScript in your browser in the usual search engines.