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Cleaning and sanitary requirements – ensuring cleanliness
You will find an abundance of sanitation supplies and cleaning equipment in this category. Professional cleaning requires labour and the right set of tools. Here we offer suitable equipment for the cleaning of sanitary areas. Significant value was placed on ergonomic requirements and optimised work flow in the selection of products. Functional high pressure cleaners and sweeping machines for the reliable cleaning of all types of floors enable a smoother work process and are also suitable for cleaning of large areas. Heavily soiled floors in public buildings, gastronomic facilities and production areas can be easily cleaned with powerful aids, such as high pressure cleaners and sweeping machines. In outdoor areas, sweeping machines make work easier and collect coarse, wet and dry dirt, without strenuous effort. Online under cleaning and sanitation supplies, you will also find specialised and powerful vacuum cleaners for industrial use and for heavily used public areas. Wet and dry vacuum cleaners, which are highly versatile without modification, are easy and straightforward to use. In addition to cleaning floors, high pressure cleaners can also be used for cleaning walls, containers, vehicles as well as for many other applications. They are offered with a wide range of accessories, which are always easily accessible in the respective holders on the device.

Consumables and equipment
Toilet paper, paper towel rolls and folded paper towels are also are included in the area of sanitation supplies. These consumables and the corresponding dispensers are used everywhere. Whether it be for large events, in company buildings or in the service industry. Wherever larger groups of people are accommodated, an abundance of consumables will be required for sanitary purposes. Specialised, tear resistant and highly absorbent rolls of cleaning paper are always available in robust dispensers for wall mounting or on mobile stands, wherever they are needed. Cleaning paper rolls are available in different widths and colours. They are perforated, available in different grades and provide up to 3000 tear-offs. Cleaning and sanitation supplies are also available in different strengths and formats. Our webshop offers the respective housings, such as toilet paper dispensers for industrial and standard rolls, as well as paper towel dispensers for folded paper towels and rolls of paper towels, to supplement the consumables. Paper towels and rolls of toilet paper can be stored along with cleaning buckets and mops on convenient cleaning trolleys, so that cleaning personnel always have these essential items at hand.

Cleaning and sanitation needs

There's an African saying that goes: You can clean everything except a dirty mouth. Whatever you think of that – our product range has a solution for even the biggest and most stubborn cleaning and sanitation requirements. You're certain to find exactly the right material for more cleanliness and tidiness.
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