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Pressure washers

Putting the pressure on dirt! High pressure cleaners will even find the smallest speck of dust: whether on the floor, in corners or in cracks, on machines or components. Special nozzles make cleaning a blast!
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9 items found
Pressure washers
High pressure cleaners have a lot of power. They are just one product found a whole range of powerful products in the professional cleaning equipment field. High pressure cleaners are mainly used as floor cleaners in many areas of the company. Apart from this, however, the other areas of use they are suitable for are highly varied, and the individual devices can be chosen exactly for the intended use thanks to all the different performance features. Water pressure is a decisive component for a good cleaning outcome. A distinction is made between high pressure cleaners for occasional use, and those for professional use. For occasional cleaning jobs in different areas, Kärcher can provide an ideal device in the form of its adjustable high pressure cleaner. It ensures any damage to sensitive surfaces is avoided. Connections for commercial garden hoses allow flexible use of the high pressure cleaning in virtually every location. High pressure cleaners with a power output that allow them to produce a pressure of up to 200 bar are suitable for regular cleaning work in the professional sector. These professional devices make cleaning all machines, components, production areas and floors effortless. Dirt blaster systems also remove stubborn stains in the industrial area. Hot water high pressure cleaners heat up the water as well using a diesel boiler, and feature a large cleaning agent tank. These high pressure cleaners are often used for cleaning trucks. Additional equipment features for the devices include special nozzles with different angle settings and anti-twist systems, to name just a few.

Ergonomic and fatigue free work with Easy-Press
A great advantage of professional cleaning equipment is the Easy-Press system they feature. The special pistols reduce fatigue during extended periods of use, and ensure work remains ergonomic and that no great effort is required. Along with this, the cleaning devices also offer a range of other useful optional settings, which vary according to model. With its range of different suppliers, KAISER+KRAFT can offer professional cleaning devices in the highest of quality for your company.
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