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Push along sweepers. Or the evolution of the broom. Where muscle power used to be decisive, ease of use is now the name of the game: Ergonomic sweeping machines are thorough, efficient and easy to move.

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Push along sweepers and sweeping machines: cleanliness at a walking pace

Leave the broom standing when cleaning company areas and place it on push along sweepers. These uncompromising cleanliness aids reliably pick up even coarse dirt and are easy to handle – without rush, by every user and with a greater effect than any broom.

What are push along sweepers and why are they useful in the company?

Sweeping machines are a functional combination of rotating brushes, which transport coarse and fine dirt through the rotary movement and its arrangement into a collecting container. Depending on the version, a suction device is also available, which makes cleaning even more thorough. The special features of the brush rotation are explained in the purchasing guide to principles of sweeping and the tandem roller principle.

Since the machines have a larger functional width and work practically automatically, all you need to do for industrial cleaning is to guide the machine in orderly lanes over the hall floor or outside areas.

What are the advantages of sweeping machines over other scrubber dryers?

Large areas can be cleaned efficiently and effectively, different surfaces are no problem for the push along sweepers, and the exterior areas, in particular, are freed from dirt.

The brush rotation is also effective with dirt for which typical manual equipment is too weak and high pressure cleaners are not the most effective choice. That includes:

  • Dry and wet foliage as well as green leaves in outdoor areas

  • Beverage cans, paper or similar bulky items that have landed next to rubbish bins

  • Fine dusts that should not be whirled up

The devices of our top brands such as Kärcher or Eurokraft operate quietly and are very manoeuvrable. If the model is equipped with a suction unit, it is considerably wider than a classic vacuum cleaner. This makes it possible to pick up even bulky objects in a targeted manner without immediately endangering the functionality of the machine.

Or to put it simply: vacuum sweepers are more versatile and effective than brooms, less complex than high-pressure cleaners and can be used much more widely on company premises than vacuum cleaners.

Which sweeping machine do I use for which floors?

The majority of our range is designed for hard floors indoors and outdoors. Detailed information can be found in the respective data sheet. We have presented functional features in clearly arranged pictograms, which can be viewed in the industrial cleaning guide.

You have the choice between manual and motorised variants and also find some special forms for the fast intermediate cleaning:

  • Electric broom: The motorized upgrade for the household classic. Compact and effective for smaller interiors and carpets.

  • Classic push along sweepers: The larger the hard floor area to be swept indoors or outdoors, the more powerful the device motor should be. Manual versions are sufficient for manageable areas and a lower amount of dirt.

  • Vacuum sweepers: Not only do they clean particularly thoroughly, they are also particularly suitable for large areas and environments with a lot of dust on the floor – e.g. in the stable, the sawmill, etc.

What should I bear in mind when selecting sweeping machines?

In addition to the basic machine type and the choice between a manual or motorised version, the following factors are important:

  1. Sweeping width due to number, arrangement and design of the brushes

  2. Possible working or walking speed with optimum cleaning performance

  3. Sweeping performance per hour as a result of motorisation, sweeping width, number of brushes etc.

While compact, manual sweeping machines are particularly economical and always ready for use, the motorised versions are indispensable for large areas. At the same time, narrower, manual machines are ideal for cleaning the narrow aisles in the warehouse, for example, and for easy manoeuvring.

Do I have to follow the care instructions for sweeping machines?

Rotating brushes can be used on most, but certainly not all, floors. More detailed information can always be found in the operating instructions of the manufacturer. Special cleaning accessories are not necessary. But you should make sure that the brushes are in perfect condition. We have the right spare parts for you.

Beyond that, we are also your contact for cleaning and sanitation requirements. Please feel free to contact us.

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