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Dispenser for WC seat cleaner

for 250 ml

  • Removable plastic refillable container
  • Can be filled as required with surface disinfectant
Toilet seat cleaner for 250 ml alcohol-free surface disinfectant. Stainless steel transparent powder coated housing (AFP – anti-fingerprint), or white coated stainless steel. Stainless steel service lever fixed to removable plastic refillable container. Dosing amount is approx. 0.6 ml/stroke with a ''trick'' lock, i.e. hidden release button on the housing. Plastic vision panel as fill level indicator. Fill directly into the dispenser by unlocking and opening the housing, then fill directly into the dispenser or remove the refillable container for filling it elsewhere. Slanted top prevents waste from being placed on top. Three point mounting. Includes fastening material. For surface mounting.
Dispenser for WC seat cleaner, for 250 ml
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{"articleNo":"M2723552","name":"Dispenser for WC seat cleaner for 250 ml","baseProduct":"","productUrl":"/p/M2723552/","imageUrl":"/Cleaning_Solutions_Sanitation/Washroom_Equipment/Dispenser_for_WC_seat_cleaner_pdpsmall--000057070783_PRD_org_all.jpg"}
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brushed stainless steel
Item no.:  485412 49
Dispenser for WC seat cleaner, for 250 ml, brushed stainless steel
2 Week delivery
Ex. VAT £235.00
{"articleNo":"485412","name":"Dispenser for WC seat cleaner for 250 ml","baseProduct":"M2723552","productUrl":"/p/M2723552/","imageUrl":"/Cleaning_Solutions_Sanitation/Washroom_Equipment/Dispenser_for_WC_seat_cleaner_pdpsmall--000057070783_PRD_org_all.jpg"}
Item properties:
Housing colour: stainless steel, brushed / transparent powder coating Housing material: stainless steel, brushed
{"features":[{"name":"Housing colour","normalizedName":"","value":"stainless steel, brushed / transparent powder coating","formattedValue":"stainless steel, brushed / transparent powder coating"},{"name":"Housing material","normalizedName":"","value":"stainless steel, brushed","formattedValue":"stainless steel, brushed"}]}
white stainless steel
Item no.:  485413 49
Dispenser for WC seat cleaner, for 250 ml, white stainless steel
2 Week delivery
Ex. VAT £235.00
{"articleNo":"485413","name":"Dispenser for WC seat cleaner for 250 ml","baseProduct":"M2723552","productUrl":"/p/M2723552/","imageUrl":"/Cleaning_Solutions_Sanitation/Washroom_Equipment/Dispenser_for_WC_seat_cleaner_pdpsmall--000057070784_PRD_org_all.jpg"}
Item properties:
Housing colour: stainless steel , painted white Housing material: stainless steel
{"features":[{"name":"Housing colour","normalizedName":"","value":"stainless steel painted white","formattedValue":"stainless steel painted white"},{"name":"Housing material","normalizedName":"","value":"stainless steel","formattedValue":"stainless steel"}]}

Technical data

Capacity 0.25 l
Height 220 mm
Width 97 mm
Depth 138 mm
Feature lockable
Supplied assembled
Weight 1.1 kg

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