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Clocks, time and attendance recording

No meeting room, no recreation room, no waiting room is complete without one: a large, easy to read and unostentatious clock on the wall. To guarantee that you'll find the right model, we have a large range of wall clocks in different sizes and models. We also have products suitable for time recording.
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12 items found
Clocks, time and attendance recording
Time and attendance recording has long been a central topic in production areas. The punch clock was the first time and attendance recording device to be used in large industrial operations. Ever since working hours have been structured more flexibly, the purchase of devices to record attendance has also become more relevant within the context of office equipment. When recording attendance, core times and flexitime won't cause much extra work, while the control system become significantly better. Annual and lifetime working time accounts demand a more extensive system of time recording, with storage of company data also being integrated. Despite time recording systems, a clock still belongs on the wall of every company. KAISER+KRAFT offers numerous models of modern wall clocks made of robust plastic, stylish stainless steel and high quality aluminium within its range of office equipment. The wall clocks are optionally equipped with radio synchronised or quartz clock time keeping mechanisms, and white or black clock faces. Round clocks have diameters ranging from 250 mm to 500 mm.

Modern time and attendance recording as the basis for flexible working hours
A time and attendance recording device registers the hours for which employees were in attendance, and therefore allows the hours worked to be accounted for exactly. Time recording with the aid of recording devices is an important prerequisite for medium and long term working time accounts as well. This procedure is beneficial for employees and the company in equal measure, as overtime is quickly accrued when there is a lot of work to do, and when production is slow, a day off can be taken. This helps employees to generate a few extra days' holiday while the company can use its personnel resources efficiently. A computerised time and attendance recording device also assumes responsibility for recording the employees' time at work, thereby reducing the workload for the personnel department. Whether in the office, in the warehouse or in the workshop, a glance at the big clock helps employees keep an eye on the time and therefore remain organised enough to ensure their workload has been completed by the end of the day. Their focus can then change from the clock to the punch card on which the working hours are recorded. The employees can then return home with a sense of reassurance. Find the time and attendance recording device that best suits you in the product range offered by KAISER+KRAFT – whether it's a modern punch clock that records company data, or a stylish wall clock for your company.
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