Enkelfähig Score

How does a product become an Enkelfähig product?

Enkelfähig Score 931

It’s quite simple: we award each product an Enkelfähig Score based on a set of sustainability criteria. This score is always displayed below the product and ranges from 1.0 to 5.9 (this is the top score). For an item to be classed as enkelfähig, it has to achieve a score of at least 3.0.

The higher the Enkelfähig Score, the more sustainable the product! So when you shop with us, you’ve always got the option of a more sustainable alternative.

In which categories is the product assessed?

We measure sustainability based on the following five categories: circular economy, climate protection, biodiversity, economic efficiency and innovation.

Here we show you how we arrive at the score, using the eurokraft pro shelf truck as an example.

Enkelfähig Score 931
Enkelfähig Score 931
The criteria in detail.
Enkelfähig Score 931

Deal-breaker criteria

  • Child labour
  • Corruption and bribery
  • Breaches of labour law or failure to pay minimum wage
  • Discrimination
  • Environmental damage or injury to people
Enkelfähig Score 931

Circular economy | 30 %

  • Recycled material: what percentage of the main part of a product is made up of recycled material?
  • Recyclability: can all components of a product be individually recycled?
  • Durability: does the manufacturer guarantee a long product life?
  • Single-material solutions: where a product is made from a single material, does this facilitate recycling when it reaches the end of its lifespan?
  • Sustainable packaging: is the product delivered in light-weight packaging that is made of sustainable materials?

    Based on its recyclability, long lifespan and small amount of packaging, our shelf truck gets an overall score of 3.4.

Enkelfähig Score 931

Climate protection | 30%

  • Regional procurement: is a product purchased from local suppliers?
  • Reduced energy consumption: can a supplier increase its energy efficiency using the energy management standard ISO 50001?
  • CO2-compensated supplier: does the product come from a supplier that offsets all of its direct emissions as well as a part of its indirect emissions by means of recognised, certified climate projects?
  • Carbon footprint: has a product’s carbon footprint been calculated and offset by means of certified climate projects?
  • Carbon offsetting for shipping: are the emissions generated during shipping the product offset by means of recognised, certified climate projects?

    The shelf truck gets an overall score of 3.9. This is due to an offset carbon footprint, reduced energy consumption and the fact that the product is manufactured in Germany.
Enkelfähig Score 931

Biodiversity | 25%

  • Renewable materials: does the major portion of the product consist of renewable material?
  • Renewable materials from sustainable sources: do the renewable materials used come from FSC- or PEFC-certified sources?
  • Biodegradability: once the materials used have been separated, are they biodegradable?
  • Reduced emissions: has the supplier integrated an environmentally friendly approach into its processes and improved its environmental performance using an environmental management system in accordance with DIN ISO 14001?
  • Environmental certificates: has a product been awarded sustainability certificates such as the Blue Angel or Cradle2Cradle?

    Our shelf truck doesn’t earn a point for any of the listed criteria and therefore receives an overall score of just 1.
Enkelfähig Score 931

Economic efficiency | 10%

  • Profitability: can a product produced in a socially and environmentally way also make a positive economic contribution?

    Our shelf truck makes a positive economic contribution and thus gets an overall score of 5.9.
Enkelfähig Score 931

Innovation | 5%

  • Innovative material: does the major portion of the product consist of newly developed materials that contribute to a more sustainable future free from fossil fuels?
  • Innovative product: can a product be used in a way that results not only in financial gain, but also – and to an equal degree – in environmental and social benefits?

    Thanks to its component materials and their recyclability, our shelf truck receives an overall score of 3.

Guidance on sustainability – a product comparison.

Our Enkelfähig Score offers transparent guidance to help you make sustainable product choices faster. Here we use the example of two different sack trucks to show why one is more sustainable than the other and how you can recognise this from the Enkelfähig Score.

Enkelfähig Score 931

eurokraft pro sack truck with wire mesh rear panel

  • Circular economy: 3.4
  • Climate protection: 2.96
  • Biodiversity: 1​
  • Innovation: 3.94​
  • Economic efficiency: 5.9
  • EcoVadis: 73 points
  • Country of origin: Germany

    Enkelfähig Score: 3.4
Enkelfähig Score 931

KlappSTAR-S – sack truck made of aluminium

  • Circular economy: 2.57​
  • Climate protection: 1​
  • Biodiversity: 1​
  • Innovation: 3.94​
  • Economic efficiency: 5.9
  • EcoVadis: n/a​
  • Country of origin: China

    Enkelfähig Score: 2.1

The main factors contributing to the eurokraft pro sack truck’s higher score are its production location (Germany), its long guarantee period and the sustainable approach taken by the supplier, e.g. measures to combat climate change such as an energy management system. The supplier has been awarded an EcoVadis gold medal in recognition of its responsible business practices with regard to the environment, workers’/human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.

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Enkelfähig Score 931

A world of smart solutions: Sustainability.

We’re always working to improve our customers’ experience, and we love keeping you up to date on what we’ve been doing. Here we provide information on our activities, goals, plans, projects and the results we’ve achieved.

Enkelfähig Score 931

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Enkelfähig Score 931

About the Enkelfähig Initiative.

kaiserkraft is taking the initiative: we’re going Enkelfähig. Equipped with plenty of bright ideas and sustainable & high-performing solutions, we'll be giving our all to make sure we have a future worth living in – for us and for the generations that follow.