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Absorbent sock

with CorkSorb oil binding filling

  • Safety and cleanliness at the workplace – for indoors and outdoors
  • To place around machines, drums etc. – in an emergency a preventive measure to contain leaks
  • Suitable for the absorption of oil, fuel, solvents and other organic compounds (no water)
Highly versatile:
Absorbent socks contribute to a cleaner and safer workplace. They bend around corners, adapt to uneven surfaces and prevent liquids from spreading out around machines, drums etc. For preventive use or in emergencies. These ''oil-only'' absorbent socks suitable for absorbing oils and other hydrocarbon-based liquids. They can also be used in exposed outdoor areas, as they will not absorb water, even in rainy weather.

Environmentally friendly:
Made of the regenerative and resource conserving cork. Natural product, biologically degradable.

Can be used wherever there is a potential for oil to leak in storage, during transport or in manufacturing processes, or where such leaks create a hazard to people or could contaminate the floor or ground water.

DEKRA tested oil absorbent agent.
The specified values for the absorption capacity of CorkSorb are based on measurements according to the RAW factory standard, using a test fluid which meets the requirements for oil binders for ELHO (extra light heating oil).
Please refer to DEKRA test report no. 55255538 for data on the tested CorkSorb oil absorbent agent (types I, II, III R).
Absorbent sock, with CorkSorb oil binding filling
Price / pack (Ex. VAT)
from £81.00
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{"articleNo":"M1081130","name":"Absorbent sock with CorkSorb oil binding filling","baseProduct":"","productUrl":"/p/M1081130/","imageUrl":"/Hazardous_goods_handling/Spill_containment_control/Absorbent_sock_pdpsmall--AA00123286II-01.jpg"}
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Ø 75 mm x 1200 mm, pack of 24
Item no.:  123286 49
Absorbent sock, with CorkSorb oil binding filling, Ø 75 mm x 1200 mm, pack of 24
4 Week delivery
Ex. VAT £92.00
{"articleNo":"123286","name":"Absorbent sock with CorkSorb oil binding filling","baseProduct":"M1081130","productUrl":"/p/M1081130/","imageUrl":"/Hazardous_goods_handling/Spill_containment_control/Absorbent_sock_pdpsmall--AA00123286II-01.jpg"}
Item properties:
Pack (item): 24
Absorption: 87 l/pack Length: 1,200 mm Weight per item: 0.5 kg Weight: 12 kg
{"features":[{"name":"Pack [item]","normalizedName":"","value":"24.0","formattedValue":"24"},{"name":"Absorption [l/pack]","normalizedName":"","value":"87","formattedValue":"87"},{"name":"Length [mm]","normalizedName":"","value":"1200","formattedValue":"1,200"},{"name":"Weight per item [kg]","normalizedName":"","value":"0.5","formattedValue":"0.5"},{"name":"Weight [kg]","normalizedName":"","value":"12","formattedValue":"12"}]}
Ø 75 mm x 3000 mm, pack of 10
Item no.:  123287 49
Absorbent sock, with CorkSorb oil binding filling, Ø 75 mm x 3000 mm, pack of 10
4 Week delivery
Ex. VAT £81.00
{"articleNo":"123287","name":"Absorbent sock with CorkSorb oil binding filling","baseProduct":"M1081130","productUrl":"/p/M1081130/","imageUrl":"/Hazardous_goods_handling/Spill_containment_control/Absorbent_sock_pdpsmall--AA00123287II-01.jpg"}
Item properties:
Pack (item): 10
Absorption: 99 l/pack Length: 3,000 mm Weight per item: 1 kg Weight: 10 kg
{"features":[{"name":"Pack [item]","normalizedName":"","value":"10.0","formattedValue":"10"},{"name":"Absorption [l/pack]","normalizedName":"","value":"99","formattedValue":"99"},{"name":"Length [mm]","normalizedName":"","value":"3000","formattedValue":"3,000"},{"name":"Weight per item [kg]","normalizedName":"","value":"1","formattedValue":"1"},{"name":"Weight [kg]","normalizedName":"","value":"10","formattedValue":"10"}]}

Technical data

Model oil
Material cork
Diameter 75 mm
Colour grey
Application heavy duty
Situation reaction to leaks (emergency)
leak prevention
Property diverting / containing / collecting
Type of leakage surface leaks
Frequency of use multiple
Place of use indoor use
Supplied assembled

Customer reviews

Absorbent sock
from Jun 14, 2016 | Germany Google Translate
Evaluation of the item with the item no.: 123287
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