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Shop functions

Our Online-shop offers many helpful features like product videos, magnified views and comparison of alternatives to make shopping as efficient and easy as possible.
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The guided product search, intuitive filters and additional helpful tips and search options are described in detail here...
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Wish list

The wish list area assists you when purchasing by letting you click and putting products on your wish list and then either mailing them to yourself or someone else. Registered customers also enjoy others benefits...
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Product comparison

It's very easy for you to compare products with similar features. Simply put the item in the product comparison and conveniently check the advantages...
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The order process

A short description of the “Order directly” function and of the shopping cart, as well as the steps for completing an order...
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The advantages are obvious. Read here why you only need to enter your data once and which additional benefits you will enjoy as a result. Order history and your own shopping cart are only two of them...
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My account

Here you will find information on how the user name and password chosen by you is assigned and changed. You can also find out here what to do in case you forget your user name or password…
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Delivery and billing addresses

You have the option of creating different billing and delivery addresses. When you order, just select the desired address - the stored data is displayed automatically...
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Order templates

You can store frequently ordered items in special order templates. The advantage: To order, you only need to open the respective order template and need not search for each individual item anew every time...
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Order procedure

As a registered customer, you can view all previously completed online orders at any time. Here you will learn how to call up the status of your orders and how to have all orders displayed (including for a specific timeframe)...
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Package tracking

Explanation of package tracking and the various stages of order processing...
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What are cookies and how are they used? Learn more about setting options for your web browser here...
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Many of the web shop functions (such as the product comparison) work best with JavaScript activated in your web browser. Here you can find more information on use and settings…
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Do you have any more questions?

Were the help categories able to assist you further? You can reach us here if you have any questions, suggestions and/or criticism regarding the Help area. 
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