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Cold cleaners

Hydrocarbon based cold cleaners have the separation force required for many hard to clean organic contaminants such as oils and greases, tar and dried-on wax.

How they work

Due to their surface tension and outstanding creeping properties they can penetrate into the smallest of cavities and crevices. According to the principle of "like dissolves like", hydrocarbon based cold cleaner lifts off contaminants, penetrates dirt and intermixes with oil and grease. Contaminants can then be easily rinsed off or cleaned off with a brush.

Cold cleaners wt$

Ill.: The cleaner penetrates dirt and lifts it from the surface

Two additional advantages offered by cold cleaners are their harmlessness to health and sanitation in the workplace and that they pose very limited risk. Both can generally be documented with certificates of compliance, hypo-allergenic test certificates and workplace exposure limit measurements.

Modern cold cleaners with a closed recycling loop are an important contribution in reducing impact on the environment, as they reduce waste, conserve resources and minimise risks.

What are cold cleaners?

Cold cleaners are products which are based on hydrocarbons - a component of crude-oil. In crude oil obtained directly from the well, all naturally occurring components are still present. In addition to water and metals, crude oil is largely comprised of carbon and hydrogen and their various molecular structures, such as paraffin, naphthene and aromatic compounds.

Directly on, or at the end of the conveyor system for the crude oil, the raw material is pre-cleaned (filtered, centrifuged and determined) until the water and metallic compounds are physically separated from the oil. This is how crude oil is turned into petroleum.

In order to manufacture high quality products such as petrol, heating oil and even cold cleaner, the petroleum is further processed into mineral oil through separating processes such as distillation and refining. In contrast to its predecessor, mineral oil is primarily comprised of three hydrocarbon molecular structures alone.

This is why hydrocarbon based cold cleaners are ideal for the removal of greasy contaminants and coatings made from mineral oil products. Furthermore, they are virtually 100 % recyclable because they are made from hydrocarbons.

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