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Fast, reliable, safe: money counting machines and banknote verifiers

Our product range encompasses banknote counters, coin counters, banknote verifiers and combination machines in different versions. Find out here which device is best suited for your requirements.

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Of course, you could always count money by hand. And check banknotes for authenticity by holding them up to the light. However, when you're dealing with large quantities of money and need 100 percent certainty, then you should leave this task to money counting machines and banknote verifiers: money counting machines don't get tired, can – depending on the model – detect forgeries, and even the most straightforward version is considerably faster and more reliable than a person. Verifiers scan up to seven security features and identify counterfeit banknotes in less than one second.

Banknote counters

Piece and value counters

The most important question when it comes to banknote counters is: should only the number of pieces be counted, or the value be determined as well? All money counting machines in our product range not only count presorted banknotes in almost any currency, but also individual means of payment such as vouchers and coupons. Anyone who counts relatively seldom, and only small quantities of money, is well equipped with a piece counter like the Safescan 2210 automatic banknote counter. Value counters like the Safescan 2685-S determine the number and the value of sorted and mixed piles of banknotes in all standard currencies.

How they work

If a stack of banknotes is placed in the machine intake, the intake roller is activated. It passes the banknote on to the second roller, which ensures that only one banknote is picked up. An optical sensor is used for counting. Once the last banknote has landed in the outlet tray, then the machine stops counting.

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Selection criteria

Money counting machines are made to make the daily work involved in handling money easier, and to save time. Along with the aforementioned features allowing the number of pieces, or the value, to be counted, the speed and intake capacity are also key criteria. Our banknote counters can take in up to 300 banknotes at once, and can count at speeds of between 1,000 and 1,500 banknotes per minute.

When selecting your new banknote counters, also observe the position of the intake tray. The flat insert in an automatic banknote counter like the Safescan 2650 has the advantage of allowing banknotes to be added during operation, and its continual intake allows it to work considerably faster.

Other important functions are adding and bundling: devices with an adding function can count several piles of banknotes together. This is really useful when more banknotes need to be counted than fit in the device intake tray. Banknote counters with a bundling function stop after a defined number of banknotes and make depositing money at banks even faster.

Many devices have at least one feature to allow them to detect counterfeit banknotes. The automatic banknote counter Safescan 2685-S has an even larger range of features. This counts the value of unsorted notes in seven currencies in total and checks them for authenticity. The automatic banknote counter Safescan 2665-S is also a sophisticated all-in-one device for ten different currencies. The two devices are particularly suitable for companies that do not sort banknotes for storage, as the devices can also count mixed piles of money (mixed value counting or unsorted value counting).

Counterfeit detectors

Our banknote verifiers allow banknotes to be checked for authenticity quickly, reliably and discreetly. The compact, mobile test devices need barely any space near the cash register, and are suitable for all currencies. While simple devices like the counterfeit detector Safescan 50 UV checks for UV security features on banknotes, credit cards and ID cards, professional devices feature a sophisticated multi-point detection technology: the automatic counterfeit detector Safescan 155-S, for example, checks all features of the most widespread currencies with one hundred percent reliability. Currency updates can be installed using the update connection. The banknote counters in our webshop are also capable of counting quickly and reliably while detecting counterfeit money while doing so.

How does counterfeit detection function?
Sensors in the machine check for one, or several, security features of the corresponding currency. While the simple models like the automatic banknote counter Safescan 2210 only detect one feature (the UV marking), higher quality models can examine the banknotes for authenticity using three features. Generally, threefold counterfeit money detection involves checking the UV, infrared and magnetic features. Professional devices can even check seven features.

Features used for detection and abbreviations

  • CD: Colour detection
  • IR: Infrared
  • MG: Magnetic ink
  • MT: Metallic thread
  • SD: Size detection
  • TD: Thickness detection
  • UV: Ultraviolet

Coin counters and sorters

We also have devices suitable for handling coins in our product range. Automatic coin counters can add up your small change within the briefest of periods and return it to you sorted. This allows rolls of coins, bank deposits and cash drawers to be prepared straightforwardly and quickly. Key criteria are, as is the case with banknote counters, speed and intake capacity. However, the quantities involved when working with coins are usually much larger, which is why the sorting function is essential in this case. Up to 500 coins are poured into the receiving hopper and are sorted by the machine according to their diameter and thickness, and are prepared for wrapping by hand. The addition function provided by coin counters is also extremely practical. The number of items per coin denomination are saved separately, and the sum total is calculated reliably and quickly. Thanks to the integrated overflow stop, larger quantities of small change can be counted: if one of the coin containers is full, the device stops automatically.

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Combination devices: currency scales

Currency scales weigh coins, rolls of coins and banknotes and calculate the quantity and value based on the weight. These combination devices, such as the coin and banknote counter Safescan 6185, are ideal for retail trade.

  • Cashing up in full takes a maximum of 2 minutes.
  • The device automatically scans the coins and banknotes to be counted in succession.
  • You can read the individual denominations and values, as well as the sum total, on the display.
  • An adaptive counting algorithm means currency scales can register old and new Euro banknotes together, detect worn banknotes and can also count individual means of payment, such as tokens or coupons, based on their weight.
  • They are compact and are also suitable for mobile use when in battery operation.
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When using currency scales, the money has to be presorted, and no counterfeit detection is integrated. Because checking for counterfeit banknotes is usually not done right away when accepting money at the cash register, the use of a banknote verifier directly at the cash register and a currency scale for counting the takings later on, is recommended.

Along with the counting and testing devices, you will find that our shop has a number of other Safescan products for handling cash: robust cash drawers in “low duty” versions for infrequently used cash registers through to “heavy duty” ones for constant use. The matching inserts for the cash drawers, and other accessories, can be found with the individual products, making it convenient to place a complete order.