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Industrial cleaning guide

The following list of pictograms is provided as an aid to help you select the right product and to give you a quick overview of the advantages of the individual products.

Industrial cleaning 084

Filter cartridge cleaning

Vacuum cleaners with this symbol have an automatic cleaning feature for the integrated filter. This helps to maintain a consistent level of performance and is helpful when picking up fine dust.

Industrial cleaning 083

Low Noise

Devices with this symbol generate comparatively low levels of noise. This means that they can be used in areas where background noise must be kept to a minimum particularly healthcare.

Industrial cleaning 077

Additional socket

Vacuums with this symbol have an auxiliary 2 pin socket on the head unit itself. This is solely useful for the addition of power brush heads supplied by the manufacturer and being unearthed should not be used a an auxiliary power point.

Industrial cleaning 085

Easy-Press® for pressure washers

The Easy-Press® high pressure pistol is ergonomically designed and easy to operate. A simple button lock maintains operating pressure until the trigger is squeezed again to reduce fatigue in long operating cycles.

Industrial cleaning 081


This indicates cleaning textiles made of microfibre. They are particularly effective due to the structure of the fibres. More information on the subject of microfibre can be found under: Microfibre for cleaning purposes. Microfibre for cleaning purposes.

Industrial cleaning 082

Hands free

Mops labelled with this pictogram can be wrung out without the requirement to touch the mop, and thus keep hands clear of cleaning solutions. The mop is attached at one end to the mop holder, it can be folded together by simply loosening the foot latch, rinsed out and then wrung out in the wringer.

Industrial cleaning 080

Environmentally friendly

This pictogram indicates that there is an emphasis on the environment with these products. This means that processes and materials are used which promote the sustainability of our environment.

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