The electric tow trucks

eurokraft pro TAKKTOR T1000 and T2000



  • Choose between height adjustable bolt or flex couplings
  • Continuous 24/7 operation due to the replaceable battery system
  • No forklift operating licence necessary
  • Flexible transport thanks to different flex coupling inserts
  • Ergonomic – significantly improves productivity/efficiency
  • Powerful drive unit for up to 1000 kg
  • Forward and reverse gears
  • For left- and right-handed drivers thanks to two thumb switches
  • Maximum speed: 4 km/h

These advantages will help you to get ahead

Takktor USP1

10-year guarantee

Takktor USP2

Genuine spare parts

Takktor USP3

5-year after sales service

Takktor USP4

Premium quality

Coupling types for the TAKKTOR T1000

TAKKTOR T1000 coupling types

1 | Bolt coupling
suitable for all trucks with drawbar.*
2 | Flex coupling with a handle for adaptation to roll containers or Corlettes®.**
a | Drawbar can be retrofitted if required
b | Changeover insert for roll containers
c | Changeover insert for Corlettes®

* Notice for attached drawbars: The diameter of the bolts is 30 mm.
** The flex couplings of the T1000 are intended only for roll containers and Corlettes® tested by KAISER+KRAFT. Use that differs in any way from the intended purpose will lead to exclusion from the warranty under regulation 208-057 of German Social Accident Insurance.

Corlettes® suitable for flex coupling

Roll containers suitable for flex coupling

Special features of the T1000 and T2000

Takktor Feature 1

Body protection button

Takktor Feature 2


Takktor Feature 3

Smooth steering

Takktor Feature 4

Infinitely adjustable speed

Takktor T2000


  • Powerful and maintenance-free gel batteries
  • No forklift operating licence necessary
  • Ergonomic – significantly improves productivity/efficiency
  • Powerful drive unit for up to 2000 kg
  • Height adjustable coupling: bolt coupling (Ø 30 mm) for flexible adjustment
  • Suitable for all trucks with drawbar and Ø 30 mm bolt
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