Good for the environment and your image too

How to organise a Clean Walk at your company


Everybody complains about litter – well, now is your chance to do something about it. By organising a Clean Walk, your company will be demonstrating its commitment to sustainability.

Perhaps this is the first time you’ve heard about Clean Walks. Not a problem – we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Read about:

  • The idea behind Clean Walks,
  • How your company can benefit from them and
  • How you can organise a Clean Walk.

What is a Clean Walk?

In a Clean Walk, or clean-up walk, the participants spread out across an area – a particular part of town, a park or the company premises, for example – and pick up any litter they find. This litter is then disposed of properly. Clean Walks are organised by environmental organisations but also by companies and as private initiatives.

Good to know:
Littering is a widespread problem in cities. Not only does it negatively impact the environment, it also costs local authorities a lot of money – in Germany, around 700 million euros are spent each year to remove single use plastics and cigarette butts from parks and streets, empty waste containers and dispose of the waste.

Why a Clean Walk is worth it for your company

There are good reasons why more and more companies are choosing to do their own Clean Walks.
Good for the environment and your image too wt$

Making a contribution to sustainability

Let’s be honest – who doesn’t prefer parks and streets that are free from cigarette butts, drinks cans and piles of plastic? Organising a Clean Walk is a way of doing your bit to create a cleaner environment. In addition, you increase participants’ awareness of how much waste is generated in day-to-day life. Sometimes this can encourage them to take steps to reduce their own waste, or at least to dispose of it in the right places.

Good for the environment and your image too wt$

Enhance your image

If you are doing good, it is perfectly legitimate to let people know about it. In fact, this is something that is becoming more and more important in a time when consumers are increasingly paying attention to the values a company represents. A Clean Walk is the perfect opportunity to boost your company image. Publicise your event in press releases and post a report on your website afterwards. You could also make a video and post it on social media.

Good for the environment and your image too wt$

Encourage team-building

Clean Walks boost team spirit. What sets them apart from, say, a football match or a group meal is that they give everyone the feeling of having done something good, and that can be a very bonding experience. But that doesn’t mean you have to cancel the group meal! How about offering it as a thank you for taking part in the Clean Walk?

Important pointers for organising the event

Simply setting off with a bin bag and starting to pick up litter isn’t the best strategy for a Clean Walk with multiple participants. Everyone gets more out of the event if it is properly organised. We’ve put together a few pointers that should help you organise a successful Clean Walk.

And afterwards?

After the Clean Walk has been completed, be sure to document the results and, in so doing, boost your company’s image. Use all channels available to you and post good quality photos and videos as well as text. With a bit of a luck and a good PR department, you might even get a write up in the local press. If your Clean Walk was a success, there’s nothing to stop you holding another one.

How KAISER+KRAFT makes a contribution to a clean environment

KAISER+KRAFT regularly takes part in Clean Walks. In July 2021, we launched an international Clean Walk initiative. Staff at KAISER+KRAFT, gaerner, Gerdmanns, Runelandhs and Takkt were able to take three hours off to pick up litter with their colleagues.

Read how KAISER+KRAFT supports gardener Jan Kleen from Wilhelmshaven on his voluntary Clean Walks.

Good for the environment and your image too mg$

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