Correct waste management at the company:
How to get your employees motivated


As a manager, you know how important it is for your company to make its contribution to environmental protection and resource protection. Correct waste management plays a major role in this. The exact rules that need to be observed are defined in the current laws on waste disposal.

Once you have looked into the theory, the question of how to implement it all in practice arises: how can all these regulations be implemented in everyday operations without violating any laws? For one thing, all employees need to act concertedly. This article gives you useful tips for the implementation of your waste management system.

  • The best way to communicate the regulations in relation to waste
  • The best way to motivate your employees to observe them as well
  • Which waste collectors you'll need in which part of the company

This is the best way to inform your employees about laws and regulations governing waste

Your employees can only make a contribution to correct waste management if they have plenty of information about it and know exactly what they have to do. We would suggest using a three-step communication strategy:

A how-to guide: motivating employees to implement waste laws

As a first step, communication is important. However, there are other activities you can introduce to increase the likelihood that the guidelines are implemented correctly in your company at all times.

The right waste bins for every part of the company

The right bin must be provided for every type of waste. At no point in time should there be any doubts about which waste belongs where. The following information tells you which waste bins are indispensable in which areas of the company. 

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