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Clocks, time and attendance recording

Everything here ticks in unison. At least when they are in the same time zone: wall clocks. Today, they are far from just simple timekeepers – they even look good. Wall clocks have become stylish décor – for every office. Be impressed by how attractively your workshop, office and warehouse can tell the time.
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Quartz wall clock, Ø 300 mm
with numerals and lines
Price on request
Price on request
Wall clock, Ø 400 mm
brushed stainless steel housing
13 items found
Wall clocks for the business
Every company requires wall clocks in their different rooms. The clock is ticking for business partners, customers, clients, suppliers and employees. Every one checks the clock every now and then, not least to ensure that important work activities are proceeding on time. In large warehouses or open plan offices in particular, having a clock hanging on the wall that everyone can keep an eye on is recommended. The size is also important, because the time should still be visible from far away – think of a clock at a train station with its unmissable second hand. Furthermore, using a radio synchronised clock at locations like this is recommended, because depending on where they are installed, changing the time in spring and autumn could otherwise become a tedious chore. Our webshop features a selection of high quality wall clocks to choose from when it comes to appropriate and stylish amenities for company premises. Value was placed on attractive design for all wall clocks so that they blend in perfectly with the overall furnishings at a company, and satisfy everyone's aesthetic needs.

Buying suitable clocks
Modern wall clocks for companies highly frequented by customers, for companies with a modern corporate design and practical wall clocks for workshops, factories and warehouses are offered for you to choose from here in the webshop. Of course, the different clocks can also be chosen in different sizes and be adapted to the respective corporate environment in terms of colour. Whether for a warehouse or for the office, the individual furnishings should, of course, match each other. The wall clocks in the online shop are available in plastic housing, as well as in high gloss aluminium or long lasting stainless steel. The high quality materials ensure they can be optimally integrated into the respective design of the room, ensuring that functionality and furnishings are particularly well harmonised. Whether a radio synchronised wall clock of quartz clock, the products available from KAISER+KRAFT and quality brands like EUROKRAFT ensure you will purchase long lasting and high quality products. Don't waste time, and find the model that best suits your needs today.
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