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Lamps and lights
Lamps are an essential item for everyday use, and during daily work in particular, lamps and lights are needed that are especially designed for the respective work environment. Lights for the office and your desk therefore often have different features to the lights used for workshops. Special lighting is often needed in factories, such as magnifying lamps, explosion protected torches or machine lamps. Ceiling lights with fluorescent tubes are suitable for uninterrupted use, because they are better at converting power into light than conventional bulbs. The light used at the workplace not only needs to be adapted to the applicable regulations, but can also score points by being energy efficient. The choice of the right workplace lighting should always be based on the conditions at the respective workplace, as well as the activities performed there, and should therefore be individually harmonised with these factors. This is particularly important for office lighting, because employees are often exposed to this source of light all day, every day. Ceiling lamps and desk lamps should both ensure the illumination provided is both healthy and gentle on the eyes. Well-thought out placement of suitable lights can also create a bright environment in otherwise gloomier rooms. Along with these advantages, equipping rooms with professional lamps can also increase the motivation of your employees. Adequate office lighting therefore contributes to a good atmosphere at work and high levels of motivation. KAISER+KRAFT has an abundance of lamps and lights for your office equipment.

Lamps with function and style
Along with office equipment like desks, ergonomic chairs, functional roll containers and numerous office supplies, you can also buy lamps from KAISER+KRAFT which are not only functionally adapted to the respective surroundings, but also feature a matching design. Along with the choice between LED lights and halogen lamps, there are also designer lamps that can be optimally integrated into a stylish room configuration. This also allows the design of a desk lamp to make a good impression on business partners and customers. You will find high quality designer lighting with sophisticated technology here: the designer lamps with 20-watt compact fluorescent lamp provide light equivalent to a 100-watt bulb.


Where gas, candles and petroleum used to shed light into dark corners, lamps and lights with the most sophisticated designs can now be found. As LED lights, magnifying lamps, hand held lamps or emergency lights, with warm white, neutral or cold white light: the options are wide-ranging – just like the wide range of lamps and lights to be found here in the shop!
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MAUL - Workstation lamp, rotates through 360°
output 3 x 14 W, 2 jointed arms, each 400 mm
Hansa - Energy saving lamp
output 11 W, total reach 820 mm, pack of 2
MAUL - Energy saving lamp
with base stand and clamp base
Price on request
Price on request
Price on request
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Waldmann - Universal LED arm-mounted lamp
connection voltage 100 - 240 V
MAUL - JUPITER LED floor lamp
30000 h service life
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20 items found
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