Dividers, partitions

How can existing space best be used? With partitions! They allow cupboards and lockers, large shelving units, baskets and drawers to be divided up they way you need them to be. Partitions allow optimal space utilisation possible in almost every storage area.

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Dividers, partitions
Functional dividers and partitions are just one of the many product groups available in our webshop. They make it possible to utilise existing rooms more practically. Decisive for optimal utilisation of space is an expert, and clearly laid out, organisation system when there are many different things to store. This is where partitions and dividers start becoming useful. This product group features a large selection of convenient accessories. Partitions allow optimal space utilisation in every storage area. When storing and keeping small parts and bulk parts, dividers for open fronted storage bins are a good solution. These partitions allow a wide variety of objects to be kept in small numbers in one open fronted storage bin. That limits the number of bins required, also saving space. These dividers and subdividers also offer plenty of options for use in other small storage bins and cases. There is a solution to fit every type of container perfectly. When it comes to shelving systems, shelf compartment dividers make clearly storage much easier to set up. Shelf dividers and panel dividers can be used in them. Easy assembly and different heights allow them to satisfy individual requirements. Partition options are also available for mesh pallets and pallets. The mesh pallets are divided up using partitions made of steel mesh, while support frames made of wood can be placed on pallet to provide a professional solution.

Clever solutions for the office
Dividers and partitions provide practical space savings and a clear overview in administrative areas as well. Useful accessories for office equipment are, for example, dividers for dividing drawers, for desk pedestals or suspension file cabinets. Smaller partitions for office shelving units round off this product range. Assembly is easy, and is done by plugging the elements into place. Of course, there is always a range of specific sizes and shapes to choose from in this product area, ensuring there is an optimal solution for every requirement. The accessories in the partition and dividers area are varied. You will find products suitable for your company at KAISER+KRAFT.