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Locks, keys, etc.

Lock it up, lock it in, lock it out, lock it away, lock it shut, double lock it, interlock it, keep it under lock and key: there's so many different ways to describe one and the same thing. And there's just as many locks and keys in our product range.

In the category Locks, keys, etc. we offer you products of the following brands: Wolf, Axelent, CP, EUROKRAFTpro, Mannus, HelgeNyberg, ZARGES, Gmoehling, Vetter.

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Locks, keys, etc.
You will find all sorts of locks and keys here. Anyone searching for a simple security lock for a locker or container will quickly find what they need here. Special locks of all kinds can also be discovered in the online shop. This is where we present you with our range of locks, including the associated keys, for storage containers, cupboard systems and every other corporate requirement related to secure storage and locking. A combination lock can reliably prevent unauthorised access by passers-by. Electronic locks are recommended for lockers for valuables. These locks are operated keylessly by inputting a specific combination of numbers. Keycodes can be allocated for several users at the same time, so that the locking system can also be employed for managing personnel access to individual areas. Drawers in a desk and other compartments are also suitable for electronic locks. The respective installation requirements can be found with the corresponding product descriptions.

Functional locking systems
Our extensive range of online accessories also features the right replacement locks should a key be lost or when locks need to be replaced for another reason. There are double security locks, triangular keys or half cylinder profile locks to choose from: our large range of products ensures it is always easy to find the right lock system. Of course, the accessories to complete the system also include key rings with labels and snap locks for swivel doors. This allows all company equipment, from a large-scale building lock system to a well concealed security safe, to be kept safe using these high quality security products. Locks with a coin slot, for example for cloakroom lockers, are also on offer from KAISER+KRAFT. Regardless of the number of locks, keys and corresponding accessories required: KAISER+KRAFT provides fast delivery. Order your new equipment or the spare locks you need from KAISER+KRAFT and benefit from attractive prices.