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Packaging accessories

What is, on the one hand, all important when packaging, and what is constantly underestimated on the other hand? That's right, suitable packaging accessories. So, strike while the iron's hot!
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Handheld stretch film dispenser
for rolls with a core Ø of 50 mm
RIPACK 3000 hand held heat gun
burner output 45 - 76 kW
EX-650 hand held heat gun
burner output 37.5 - 66 kW
Dispensing aid
for stretch film without a core
4 items found
Packaging accessories – dotting the i's on your packages.
Labels, film cutters, bubble wrap film, strapping sets, scales... our product range includes everything you need for efficient packaging and dispatching. And when we say everything, then we mean everything. After all, even the best packaging materials won't bring any benefits when something decisive is missing – the right packaging accessories. And so you'll find all those little packaging aids right here in this category which are essential on an everyday basis and which are so often forgotten, e.g. dispensing aids for stretch film and so on and so forth... You could also say: exactly what makes good packaging perfect. And if you are having difficulties finding your new packaging accessories and need some advice, then that's no problem: We're happy to help you!
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