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Shrink wrap films

Do the goods you are shipping need an extra layer around them? Then if you please: once sealed in shrink wrap films, your products will not only arrive safe and sound, but the high quality, tear resistant film will also show that the goods are undamaged and unopened.

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Shrink wrap film fits anything.
Having shrink wrap film in stock in the warehouse and shipping area is always worthwhile. And this applies regardless of whether you are using the films to secure palleted goods from falling off, or because you want to protect products from damage over the entire shipping route. Our flat films, shrink tubes and shrink covers allow you to package goods for shipping, be they big or small, round or angular, heavy or light. Because you will be sealing the film or shrinking it using a heat gun, they provide a perfectly fitting exterior for every shape. Take a look for yourself at how adaptable our PE films are.
By the way: heat guns can be found in our packaging accessories.