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Strapping is the most practical invention since mail order has existed. It stabilises large cardboard boxes and ensures pallet goods stay in place, without requiring a lot of effort to apply.
And the best thing about our range of strapping: there are sealing straps to match each and every package – packages big and small, full packages or even an entire machine!

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Strapping secures packages from light to heavy
If it's well packaged, it will arrive safely. This is why strapping is a key step when preparing goods for shipment. Using the highly resistant strapping made of plastic, composite materials or steel, packages will be given the protection they need for transport, ensuring nothing slips around or can be opened. When strapping, a sealing strap is placed around the goods for transport and is tensioned and secured with the aid of a strapping device. To give the package extra protection, edge protectors can also be placed under the strap. In general, almost everything can be strapped: stacks of paper, pallets, bulky items such as firewood, or even large volume stacks of cardboard can be fixed, secured and protected from theft before being placed in storage or sent off for transport.

Finding the right strap
Depending on the size and weight of the packages, along with the transport conditions, you might prefer to choose lightweight plastic straps made of polypropylene or polyester, elastic composite strapping or highly tear resistant steel strapping. PP straps as a standard sealing strap satisfy all requirements for packages and other lightweight goods. Heavy packages will need tear resistant strapping that won't stretch: in this case, PET strapping – or, for maximum strength and when high temperatures are likely, steel straps. Composite strapping has a similar load bearing capacity to steel strapping, but is highly elastic and even adapts to bulky goods for transport. You will find strapping made of different materials in our webshop, along with different widths, lengths, strengths and tear resistance levels, as well as a range of dispensers for the individual types of strapping.