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Innovative IT furniture IT furniture should be provided wherever computers, monitors or servers are used on a regular basis and where these devices must be kept at the ready for immediate operation. Due to high quality materials and functional design, specialised PC furniture has been adapted for the respective application and provides the necessary protection for IT equipment against damaging environmental influences. Suitable IT furnishings improve cable management, aid in retaining room design and protect equipment. A tangled mess of cables can be avoided, wear and tear prevented and ideally, the IT cupboards should even complement the surrounding furnishings.

Suitable IT furniture for every application
IT furniture can be used for entirely different purposes. As a supplement to office furniture, special PC desks or pedestal desks can offer sufficient space to house both the monitor and a tower PC. Additional shelves and drawers provide storage space for handbooks, files and data carriers. In contrast, PC cupboards and workstations with lockable doors are suitable for use in the workshop. They offer ample space in a small footprint and provide for convenient storage of equipment. PC cupboards on castors are particularly advantageous if they will be used at different sites within the company. For the storage of large servers and a multitude of network components, special server and network cupboards are also available. The IT furniture in our assortment is also available in different sizes to accommodate a variety of requirements. Our offering ranges from small wall cupboards for a single server, to large network cupboards, which serve as a node for all of the cables associated with the servers, monitors and network components necessary for the entire company. The IT furniture thus makes it possible to manage these devices from a central location. High quality materials and professional craftsmanship provide the necessary stability and security here as well. In addition, the server and network cupboards are fitted with perforated plinths, doors or side panels in order to ensure optimum ventilation of the devices. Online you will find a large selection of high quality IT furniture for the workshop and office, which provide optimum storage for your PCs, servers or network hardware.

PC furniture

The best place for expensive technology: PC furniture. It gives computers, printers, laptops and other peripheral devices a convenient, safe and tidy corner. And it gives you more space on your desktop. And the right accessories make the cable clutter vanish. They turn work into a pleasant experience.
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