Perfect planning

Project service and CAD planning

Project planning, interior design, ergonomics consulting, etc.

Desks, and cupboards at the ready? It's not quite that simple. Whether a small workshop or large office: the choice is large, the possibilities are numerous. All the more important are the details – what should go where, which products fit, how can work processes be simplified? We would be happy to help you find out exactly what's right for you. Talk to us!

We are happy to help you at any time with your projects – just call us at 01442 238 000 or write an email to

Space solutions + Project services

Project service and CAD planning wt$

Factory offices, break rooms, machine protective fencing? It's yours if you want it! The same applies to steel platforms, crane systems, partition systems or barrier boom systems. We can even deliver entire changing rooms in a modular container system for you.

We can implement efficient and reliable room concepts for you in any size and height, in new or existing buildings – and we'll even do so while renovation work is going on, during refurbishing, or when adding extensions. However you intend to use the space you have available, we'll design the right room for you:

  • Single or double floors
  • Mobile or static
  • Practical or representative
  • With or without furnishings: sanitary facilities, storage rooms, break rooms, offices

Our space solutions are always made to measure, delivered using high-quality system components and with an intelligent structure. We'll satisfy all your expectations of high quality, sustainable and economic building when doing so. Because rooms are also part of the architecture, room systems from kaiserkraft are developed together with planners and contractors, so that you are involved. And by the way, we'll do it directly at your premises too.

Of course, with Projects we are also happy to assume responsibility for the full project implementation – from the request to planning and organisation, and not forgetting goods delivery, completion and final approval. Our qualified project experts will be on hand with words and deeds should you have any questions.

CAD planning service

Project service and CAD planning wt$


Should the cupboard go next to the wall or the window? Is the shelving unit too high for the warehouse? And what about the legal guidelines?

You don't have to have an answer for everything, you only need to know who to turn to when you're stuck for a way to furnish your workspaces:

Contact us about our CAD planning services provided by kaiserkraft:

Telephone: 01442 238 000