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Free delivery

For us, free delivery included means you don't pay a penny more than the price that appears in the catalogue or webshop. The prices include packaging, transport and transport insurance.


No minimum order quantity

Simply order what you need. There is no small quantity surcharge, and there is no minimum order fee.


Time sure delivery

You've only just made an order, and already we're there – as a rule, after five to seven working days.. But in this case, as so often, it's important to remember: there are exceptions to the rule, so please pay attention to the information in the catalogue and in the webshop. The coloured squares always indicate the current availability of the product you selected. This shows you straight away how quickly your preferred product can be delivered, allowing you to plan your purchases better.


The colours and their meaning:


Fast 3-day delivery


Up to 5 Working days


5-7 Working days


2 Week delivery


4 Week delivery


Over 4 weeks


Delivery by appointment

Do you need a high shelving unit on a Friday? No problem. The new series of office furniture needs to be there on a Wednesday? OK! The material container has to be on the building site on Monday? When else? And the artificial flowers need to be in your waiting room on Tuesday already? Of course!


You always receive your orders on time and delivered on a desired date that you specify. Simply give us a call and agree on a binding delivery date with us.



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