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Shelving units – warehouse racking, industrial shelving, office, archive and shop furnishings
KAISER+KRAFT have a comprehensive range of shelving and racking units available. We have a minimum 3 year guarantee and on our EUROKRAFT units we offer a 10 Year guarantee. SEMA racking inspections are available on request. We offer a 30 day right of return on all our items. Shelving units are a practical all-round organisation and storage system for commercial applications. They are ideal for use in offices or archives, as well as in factories and warehouses. In offices, shelving units enable the orderly arrangement of documents and file folders. For the workshop, pre-fabricated wall mounting rails and free-standing shelving, which can even be fitted with castors for mobility, are ideal for open fronted bins. Shelving units and shelf systems can be adapted to individual requirements. With corner shelf units, every corner of the warehouse can be fully utilised. Whether it be office shelving, pallet racking or cantilever racking units: Here you will find units for demanding industrial use and design-oriented office furnishings.

Shelving units to plug together, bolt together and as modular systems
The shelving units in our webshop are available as boltless shelving units, bolt-together shelving or as a compact modular system. This allows for the flexible adaptation to the requirements on location, with regard to stability and in consideration of height, depth and width. Modular shelving units are designed to be easily expanded at a later stage if necessary. As the shelving units in the modular system can be self-assembled to traverse different systems, it is particularly important to pay attention to specific features such as rail pattern, support foot profile and shelf panel cross beams. If wood or chipboard shelf panels are used, the width of the shelf unit can be easily reduced if necessary. For the workshop, just as for office furnishings, the modular shelving units offer a convenient solution for responding to frequently changing furnishing requirements. The product assortment also includes appropriate mobile racks on castors and container trucks. Here in the online shop you will find the optimum shelving units for your individual requirements. Regardless of whether it is for a small filing room with a basement shelf unit or a warehouse to be filled with storage shelving units: The products from the quality suppliers of KAISER+KRAFT and the EUROKRAFT performance brand offer everything necessary for the required shelving configuration. A large selection of accessories and expansion sets are naturally also available. The same also applies for shelving units for specialised goods such as drums, trays or tyres, or wide span shelving and panel shelving units.

Brands available on request: Hofe, Whittan, Link 51, Dexion Compatible, Biocote and many more – Just contact us for a quote

Shelving units

Upstanding, steadfast, robust, attractive and intelligent. Everything you would need in a shelving unit. For files and pallets. For office and warehouse. As a modular system or individual system. We offer you many individual solutions that harmonise with your in-company organisation and the layout of your rooms.
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Archive shelving
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Boltless shelving units
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Bolt-together shelf units
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Cantilever shelf units
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Heavy duty shelf units
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Modular shelf units
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Office shelving units
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Pallet racking units
Pallet racking can withstand the heaviest of loads and are extremely robust. All ...
Panel stands, panel shelving units
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Shelf units for bins
Your open fronted storage bins or shelf bins are longing for a new home. Ideal ...
Shelf units for special goods
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Wide span shelving units
''Just put it on its side.'' ''No, the other way!'' ''Shouldn't it fit?!'' ...
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