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Lifting devices and equipment for mobile use or as a permanent installation
Lifting devices and equipment for your company can be found here in the webshop. Stackers and machine jacks, lift tables for heavy loads or cranes for mobile use, wherever there is a need to reliably, safely and feasibly lift something, these special devices are the ideal solution. Working platforms can be used to raise different materials together with employees to the required working height. Load capacities of 300 kg, for example, are also not a problem for folding systems. Lifting devices and equipment with a max. load of 2000 to 5000 kg can be fitted out with a suitable selection of lifting slings if necessary. Pallet trucks and high-lift pallet trucks are mobile transport devices, which use hydraulics to lift heavy loads. These lifting devices are also available with precision scales if required. This enables the weight of a load to be determined as soon as it is lifted, without any additional steps, which effectively accelerates working processes. Manual furniture movers are functional here as well. In addition to mobile lifting devices, there are also lifting devices for permanent installation. With permanently installed mobile gantry cranes and post mounted jib cranes, our online shop offers lifting devices which provide a continuously available lifting aid at the point of use. Instead of first having to go and fetch the lifting device, this presents a flexible and readily available solution which does not require additional storage space. Cranes are also available as mobile workshop cranes, in a variety of models. Last but not least, lifting devices are also important for loading lorries and delivery vehicles. As an alternative to the lifting devices mentioned, loading ramps can also be used for this and are available at KAISER+KRAFT in perforated, unperforated and many other versions.

Lifting devices and equipment – taking the load off
With lifting devices and equipment, you can significantly reduce the burden on your employees in the workshop, warehouse and production whilst profitably increasing the pace of work. As has been proven, unburdened and automated working processes increase workload capacity and job satisfaction at the same time. Moreover, each helpful aid that lessens the impact on the back, legs or hands, also protects the health of employees. Lifting devices and equipment are thus even considered obligatory purchases for companies, in which heavy objects must be lifted or transported. To make sure nothing becomes a burden on you either, order your lifting devices and equipment at KAISER+KRAFT – in superior industrial quality and with a guarantee that is sure to convince.

Stackers, lifting equipment

When a load to lift becomes a burden to carry during everyday work, then lifting equipment and devices provide welcome relief. Regardless of whether pallet trucks, ones that are manually or electrically operated, large lifting devices, stackers, suction lifters, cranes or lifting tables – we have the right technical relief for just about every energy sapping challenge.
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