asecos Hazardous goods storage cupboards, safety cabinets

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    Play it safe with asecos – and don't play with fire.

    asecos hazardous goods storage cupboards are made to cater to hazardous goods storage in industry and in the laboratory. Whether a production company, warehouse, research institute or pharmacy, every company that stores hazardous goods is obliged to use safety cupboards compliant with EN 14470-1: hazardous substances must be stored in safety cupboards with doors that automatically close in the event of a fire and are sealed with a foaming fire protection seal. Extraction and ventilation openings designed to prevent gas-air mixtures from accumulating must also close automatically at a temperature of around 70 °C. Given that you have to purchase a cupboard for hazardous goods for your company anyway, you might now be asking yourself why it should be an asecos hazardous goods storage cupboard.

    The answer is simple: transporting asecos hazardous goods storage cupboards within the storage facility is never a problem because the transport plinth can be accessed from below using a pallet truck. You can use asecos cupboards in the laboratory as they can be optimally connected to the technical ventilation. asecos safety cupboards can be ordered in different RAL colours, allowing you to use the colour to indicate which type of hazardous substances are stored in the cupboard. When manufacturing the cupboards, high quality materials are used, creating durable products. You can purchase safety cabinets for flammable liquids from asecos here, which are fireproof cupboards of types 15 to 90, as well as laboratory cupboards and chemical storage cupboards. Furthermore, we will always grant you a guarantee with a minimum term of three years.