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Adequate furnishings for the warehouse – storage containers, pallets and transport boxes
Warehouse furnishings can actually be quite varied in configuration, as no storage requirements are the same. There is storage for normal everyday mail order operations, and storage for hazardous goods and heavy goods as well. Warehouse furnishings depend largely upon the type of objects to be stored. So you can not just purchase any type of shelf unit, any type of plastic box or any type of drum. Selecting the right warehouse furnishings depends on different factors. For example, if storage containers will be set up at a fixed location for permanent use, it is important to ensure that there is proper drainage for liquids and for the storage of moisture-sensitive dry materials. Our webshop offers suitable systems for such cases and for many other special requirements. Storage systems with appropriately selected pallets and suitable stacking frames ensure that logistics flow as intended. Plastic pallets, industrial stacking pallets and reusable wooden pallets provide every company's warehouse and dispatch with an adequate means of ensuring fast processing times for loading and unloading.
Warehouse furnishings with provisions for safety
Warehouse furnishing can be particularly unique. Bulk containers made of plastic, storage containers and pallets are found in virtually every warehouse, as well as in the online shop, in every imaginable size and shape. To ensure that every type of good stored and items for transport are properly stored or packaged, there are also a variety of special materials available. Whether it be storage systems with transport boxes, sump trays or cabinets: The different containers and pallets for this can be obtained in HDPE, LDPE and other types of materials in a variety of colour schemes. You can even set up your warehouse logistics with a uniform system and create a clearly defined process and structure for the allocation of goods. For clearly arranged warehouse furnishings, containers are of course also available in transparent versions or with transparent lids. This makes it possible to visually monitor the contents without having to open the containers. Storage containers, which are designed to be stacked, save space whilst simultaneously enabling transport with forklifts and other transport devices if necessary. Similarly, drums, tanks and waste bins on a mobile base or fitted with castors configure storage for optimum mobility.

Storage containers and pallets

Warehouse equipment often requires complex and detailed work. Just as well that we have the right products! From pallets and containers, transport boxes and sump trays to drawers and tanks, you will find a comprehensive range of products for your warehouse equipment. Safety, functionality and quality always come in first place.
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Drawer cabinets
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Drums, tanks, bins
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Large stacking containers
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Multi-purpose containers, pallet boxes
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Open fronted storage bins
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Pallets are real all-rounders for convenient movement and quick handling of ...
Stacking boxes
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Sump trays
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Tilting skips, silo containers
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Transport boxes
From the transport of small parts to heavy load transport – the right transport ...
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