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Company bicycles

Companies with a modern, sporty and environmentally friendly approach are going for a ride: on company bicycles. They are especially suitable for covering large distances on extensive company premises. The benefits: inexpensive to invest in, low maintenance and storage costs, less space needed for parking, more movement at work and a more positive CO₂ balance.
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MODEL 65 scooter
2 wheels, bell and basket
EUROKRAFT - TAKKTOR premium electric tow truck
with coupling and charging device
Price on request
MODEL 86 scooter
3 wheels, with platform
MODEL 10 scooter
3 wheels, bell and basket
MODEL 20 bicycle
3 wheels, with platform
6 items found
Company bicycles. For heavy transport and for lightweights
Transport bicycle or delivery bicycle? Just combine them! You'll need both for internal company transport. There are more and more companies and production plants that rely on the advantages offered by company bicycles: cycling is healthy, good for the environment and inexpensive. The areas of use are very broad – for getting around the company premises, as a delivery bicycle for transporting heavy and bulky goods, or for a small scale courier service. To experience this new form of mobility, along with its equipment and design, you should make sure that your company bicycle is robust, durable and can withstand heavy loads. For so-called commercial transport, these are important factors. You can purchase your transport bicycle as a simple roller on two wheels, as a scooter trolley with a platform or as a tricycle with a platform. For everyone who only needs to make runs as a courier, there is a model with a bicycle basket instead of a platform.

Company bicycles offer flexibility for loads big and small
Find your individual solution for internal company transport now. The numerous advantages speak for themselves: did you know, for example, that transport bicycles and delivery bicycles are much cheaper to purchase and maintain in comparison to small vehicles? They also need less room for parking, promote healthy lifestyles and make an important contribution to protecting our climate. Enough reasons to jump on this bandwagon, don't you agree?
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